Never has there been so much emphasis on making the best use of space around the home. While some upsized to bigger homes during the pandemic, others decided to make more use of the space that we have and optimise every opportunity. This included adding extensions to the home and finally getting round to sorting the conservatory that had become neglected.

The opportunities to turn your available space into amazing conservatory and extension spaces are limitless and whether you want to make the use of the old conservatory, or add a one storey extension to the side of your house, we take a look at how you can maximise the opportunity and create amazing spaces.

Making the Most of the Conservatory

We have lost count of the number of times we have heard “my conservatory is just too hot in summer and too cold in winter”. It’s a recurring theme. The old style conservatories, constructed from glass and uPVC frames will do little to regulate the temperature. The greenhouse effect will heat up the inside of your room like an oven during sunny periods while in the winter, it will be a cold and damp space full of condensation.

All is not lost though and there is a solution. By replacing the conservatory roof with a thermally insulated alternative, you can dramatically improve both the comfort and appearance of your conservatory for a lot less money and time than having a whole new conservatory.

Amazing Spaces in the Conservatory

What will you use your thermally regulated, comfortable conservatory for? Whether you are someone that likes to entertain family and friends or more of a homely person that likes to relax and unwind, there are a myriad of uses for a conservatory.

Dining Area

Turn your conservatory into the perfect entertainment space with a view of the outside. Make it cosy and romantic in the winter with blinds and candles or open up the room onto the garden for summer’s evenings. Enjoy family evenings or invite over your friends for dinner parties

Man (or Woman) Cave

Turn the room into a home cinema or a games room, a gym or a hobby room. Make it the room you escape to and enjoy your favourite pastimes. Use it as the kids room where they can play their Playstation while you finally get the TV back. Encourage teenagers to leave their bedrooms with a space that they can call their own.

Relax and Unwind

Make your own reading space with comfortable couches or reclining chairs – a place to enjoy the garden all year round while relaxing with a good book and a cup of coffee.

amazing spaces

A Home Office

Finding yourself working from home more since the pandemic? Perhaps you work entirely from home and need an office. Convert the conservatory into a space where you can escape the rest of the house and work or study in peace.

Extending Your Home

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in the home you currently have. Moving house may not be a realistic prospect. Instead, what about an extension? It doesn’t have to be anything to dramatic. Often people have a one storey extension added to the side of their house – just enough to give them the additional space that they so need.

If you are considering extending the home, or have recently had an extension, there are a number of ways to make this an amazing space.

Kitchen Extension

Often, the primary reason for having an extension to the home is to move or extend the kitchen. Often, the space becomes one big open plan space between the old and the new. The addition of a roof lantern and bi-fold doors, ensure that the room is flooded with plenty of natural light. This open plan design makes for a room that is fresh, clean and full of light.

A New Home Office

It’s fair to say that now more than ever people are working from home. If they haven’t moved completely to home working, there will be days during the week when they are asked to work remotely. Others may have started new business ventures that they are running out of their garage for example. An extension gives you the additional space you need to work comfortably from home. Having a space specifically for work also means, you can switch off and leave the room as you would the office at the end of the day.

A Dining Room/Living Room

An extension, while often used for the kitchen, can also be used to create additional living spaces – perhaps you want to enjoy dinner together in a space as a family or you want to open up the downstairs area of your house and add an extension to make the most of the space. It could be that you want to add on a games room, a home gym or a theatre room. The sky is the limit when it comes to things you can do with that extra space.

If you would like to discuss a new conservatory roof, a roof for your extension or an aluminium roof lantern to offer more light to a new extension too create amazing spaces in your home, get in touch or click here to get a free quote.