It’s November and there has been a noticeable drop in temperature over the last few days. For many, the heating has gone back on, the fire has been lit and the house is nice and cosy as we start thinking about Christmas. For some, however warm the house might be, the conservatory is just too cold! Unless you blast the heating out and close the windows, you just can’t seem to get the right temperature. Let’s look at the issues that you face with your cold conservatory and what can be done to rectify the situation.

Why is the Conservatory So Cold?

Most conservatories aren’t as well insulated as the rest of the house and are much colder than the living room, dining room and kitchen. This is because they are largely constructed of glass and polycarbonate – both of which do not offer effective insulation like a well tiled roof or a wall with a cavity.

Conversely, you will find that while the cold winter conservatory is no place to spend time, it’s much the same in summer when it’s just too hot, having the same effect as a greenhouse. Installing blinds and radiators is one approach, but you will still end up spending far too much to heat the room and you will suffer other issues such as condensation. Much better to go for a more structural change and consider a conservatory roof replacement.

Conservatory Too Cold to Use

The conservatory offers much needed space in the house for many reasons. As well as being a room to relax and enjoy your winter garden, it’s also a place where you can entertain. If your conservatory is big enough, you can easily fit the family around a nicely decorated dining table for Christmas dinner.

You could also consider using it as a home office space or a games room for the children however… if it’s too cold during the winter months then you probably just avoid it as it slowly becomes a dumping ground for everything you haven’t got room for. No one wants to hang out in a room where you can see your own breath when you exhale.

Condensation in the Conservatory

You may be wondering why you always seem to have condensation in your conservatory. Well, the answer is simple. When you have the heating on and it’s cold outside, the point where the cold and warm air meet is called the dew point. With warm air being more buoyant, it carries more water vapour. When the airs capacity to hold the water is high and the air hits the cold glass, this vapour turns to water droplets and so condensation is formed.

conservatory condensation

To reduce condensation you can open a window however, then the heating goes back in to keep the temperature right and so the cycle continues. Eventually this condensation turns to mold and mildew and you start to get nasty black streaks on the frames and walls.

If you had a properly insulated conservatory, you wouldn’t need so much heating, you could open the windows for ventilation, or have a roof lantern installed and you will reduce your condensation problem

While you are never going to completed eradicate your condensation issue, the right conservatory roof will help to reduce the amount of condensation.

The Solution to a Cold Conservatory

If you are ready to start making effective use of your cold conservatory, we have a solution. Our conservatory roof replacements make an excellent addition to your home and will save you money on heating while giving you back use of your conservatory all year round.