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Creating an extension is often a cheaper option compared to moving house if you now need more space. Moving house is expensive as not only is it likely you will be buying a bigger home to increase your space but you also have legal fees, mortgage fees and stamp duty to take into account. The first thing to ask yourself is, do you like your home currently and do you like the area and street that you live in. If the answer to this question is yes then you should start to think about what you want the additional space for. Is it that you need more living space so an extension or conservatory would give you that or do you need more bedrooms as the children are growing up and they need their own rooms. If it is additional living space that you need then you need to decide if you have enough outside garden space to do this. Conservatory Extensions and Loft Extensions have moved on a huge amount in the last 10 years and they can now look modern and contemporary and can be built to complement your existing home or the bricks and roofs can be matched to your home so the extension looks like it has always been there.

What are the benefits of adding additional space to your home?

  • If your children are growing up you may now feel you need additional living space, a snug or lounge where they can chill with their friends watching TV or play their games consoles, or if you don’t have children it is lovely to have an additional living area that you can make more formal and use to socialise in when you have friends around
  • If your family has expanded you may feel you need a separate room to be used as a playroom where all their toys and ‘stuff’ can be kept rather than being scattered all over your house
  • You may not have a separate dining room at the moment so you may eat at a dining room table in your kitchen which can feel cramped, or you eat your meals on your laps in the lounge and you now feel like you need a separate dining area
  • You may want to open up your home into your garden and add a sunroom or conservatory which can be used all year round. You can open up the doors in the summer and enjoy your garden or snuggle up in the winter and use it as an additional living space
  • What about extending your kitchen and adding an extension that creates an open plan kitchen, dining room and living area?
  • Do you now work from home or just want additional space to use as an office as a ground floor extension can give you this
  • What about a closed porch which means wet coats and muddy boots can be stored and aren’t walked into your house
  • You may need a downstairs toilet or bathroom and a ground floor extension can give you this without taking up too much of your outside space
  • A roof extension can be used as an additional bedroom or bedrooms and you will be surprised how big these can be, or you could also use it as an additional lounge or snug upstairs. Roof extensions are brilliant for creating more space in your home if you don’t have the square footage in your garden to extend out

What and how you will use the additional space will impact the decision you make and its really important to know and plan the space to ensure it is used effectively and it doesn’t just become an additional room for storage

Loft Extensions

Adding an extension to your home will increase its value and normally more than what it cost. It’s always a good idea to get a few estate agents round to value your property before you start an extension and ask them to give you an estimate of its value now and when the work has been completed. When you have done this you can calculate how much the extension will cost and this gives you peace of mind that the work you do to your home doesn’t put your property into negative equity, although this is often a rare situation. Always ask a builder for a quote for any work they do and check they have given you a fixed cost and not one based on a day rate which can spiral out of control if the weather is bad or there are issues as the build progresses. Always check what the full costs will be including all the finishes like plastering, electrics, plumbing, fixtures and fittings. Get a couple of quotes that are comparable and look at customer reviews and feedback to ensure you are happy with the builder that you choose. Calculate your total build costs which include an architect, planning applications and building regulations so you know the total cost before you start any work.

Remember that if you are having a loft extension then it can cause quite a disruption in your home as builders will need access to the job throughout the day and there will be a lot of dust and mess whilst it is happening. It is likely there will be some disruption outside as well with scaffolding being put up, waste and equipment in your garden whilst the work is being done.

A loft extension maximises what you already have and gives you additional space compared to aground floor extension or conservatory that will take away some of your outside space.

Loft extensions can be used for many things; a bedroom, bedrooms, bathroom, lounge or snug area. As we said before you need to ensure you make it a defined space that will be used regularly as building into your loft can be an expensive option.

Conservatory Extension and Loft ExtensionConservatories and Ground Floor Extensions

Conservatories have come on leaps and bounds over the last 10 years and they no longer need to look like a conservatory that has been added to your home but more like a ground floor extension which will make your home really feel like a home to be proud of.

Adding a conservatory or extension will nearly always increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to prospective buyers if you ever sell.

Conservatories built now can be used all year round as the tiled roofs insulate the extension keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The new and modern tiled roof conservatories now look modern and contemporary and can be built to match the style of your existing home.

You can have Velux roof windows fitted in a new conservatory roof to maximise the natural light that enters the room.

The inside walls and ceiling can be plastered, enabling you to decorate it in the colours that you choose.

You can add underfloor heating and or radiators in a new conservatory.

The cost of a new conservatory or new style extension is minimal compared to a full ground floor extension or a loft extension.

The time it takes to build a conservatory or new style extension is minimal as they are manufactured to order and the main structure and roof can be fitted in just a couple of days/weeks depending on its size.

The disruption in your home and to everyday life is minimal compared to a loft extension as the work is done from outside in without the need for access through your home whilst it is being built.

A conservatory or new style ground floor extension can be used for many purposes; a lounge, snug, dining room, sunroom, cinema room, playroom, study, utility room, an extension to your kitchen or even a bedroom now as they are so thermally efficient.

Replacing your Conservatory Roof

More and more people are replacing their old conservatory roofs and doing this dramatically reduces the cost compared to taking down your old conservatory and starting all over again. Adding a new thermally efficient, solid tiled roof will transform the look and feel of an existing conservatory and make it into a space in your home that you can define and use all year round.

There is a huge range of styles and colours to choose from and it will transform your existing conservatory into a new looking extension.

A new thermally efficient conservatory roof will reduce the heat escaping from your home as well as costing less to keep warm as the heat doesn’t escape through the roof as it does in the older style glass or polycarbonate roofs. They also don’t need cleaning as much the older style roofs do.

A conservatory or new style extension is not always the best option for you and your home, however, the cost versus the living space you gain is not comparable to a full extension or a loft extension, As we said at the beginning of the article, the first thing to understand is what you want the additional space in your home to be used for and it will help you define what you do next.

Guardian Roofs UK

Guardian Roofs UK is a specialist in replacing old-style conservatory roofs and building new style extensions which transform the look and feel of your home, as well as giving you additional space that can be used for anything you need it for.

The Lightweight, Insulated Guardian Roof System was designed and developed over a 10 year period and with one purpose in mind to replace the old glass or polycarbonate roofs that were used years ago.

Our new style Home Extensions use the most advanced, energy efficient systems available and create a comfortable space that can be used all year round whilst still being affordable. Each Guardian extension is manufactured off-site to your bespoke design, delivered and erected within 2-3 weeks which is a significant difference to a traditional ground floor extension that can take months of mess and disruption to build. Our Guardian extensions offer outstanding energy-efficiency with a U-value of 0.10 W/m2K which is the most energy saving home extension available.

If you are thinking about replacing your existing conservatory roof or adding a conservatory extension anywhere in the UK then give us a call on 0845 564 0628 and one of our team will be happy to help, answer any questions you might have or arrange a free no obligation home visit.