As the temperatures nudge into the 30s across the UK, we are positively sweltering inside our own homes (unless we have air conditioning and that’s not commonplace in the UK). It’s bad enough in the rooms that are shaded from the sun but what about the conservatory? Is your conservatory too hot and feeling like an oven? Let’s take a look at the solution…

Guardian™ Roof Benefits

If you are struggling with a conservatory that is too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, or even too noisy when it rains, it’s time to consider a Guardian™ Roof System.

Reduce the Temperature of Your Conservatory

The standard conservatory is like a greenhouse – sitting under the glare of the sun all day long. There is no escaping it. The heat, unless you have all the doors and windows open, is unbearable and it’s scary how high the temp can get. You don’t want to be sat in it with the sun beating down and by the end of the day, it is like an oven. Replacing the existing roof with a Guardian Roof can regulate the temperature, and prevent the room reaching such extreme temperatures meaning, you can enjoy it whatever the weather, all year round.

Reduce Sun Glare

As well as reducing the internal temperature of your conservatory, you can also minimise sun glare. The damage to furniture, soft furnishings etc. from the bleaching by the sun is prevented meaning you don’t actually need to have blinds.

conservatory too hot

Reduce the Noise

Ever been sat in your conservatory when the rain is hammering down on the roof? It’s noisy, right? If you happen to work in your conservatory, or are just trying to relax, it can be very distracting. With a Guardian™ Roof, the noise of rain is eliminated.

Energy Efficient

Improving and regulating the temperature of your conservatory means that you will be more energy efficient. This is great news on two counts:

  • You will save money on your heating bills
  • It will reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve the Appearance

    If your conservatory roof is looking old and tired, a new Guardian Warm Roof will give a new lease of life to your conservatory improving the appearance of both the rear of your home and the garden. It will look less like an add on and more integrated with the overall look and feel of your house.

    In addition to improving the appearance of your property and garden, you also won’t have to look at the dirt from inside your conservatory. If you have a perspex roof, you will be able to look up and see the build-up of algae and debris. It means having to get someone in to clean regularly to keep on top of it. With a Guardian Warm Roof solution, you will no longer have to get the window cleaner in to clean it.

    Reduce Condensation and Damp

    Is your conservatory too hot in summer and too cold in winter? You probably also suffer with condensation where the water builds up inside the roof and runs down the walls. It’s not great and can lead to mould and mildew if you don’t keep on top if it.


    Quick and Easy to Install

    You may be thinking that it will be winter by the time you get round to doing anything about it but the good news is, our roof systems are quick and easy to install. It takes just a few days and is completed by one of our Team Guardian Registered Installers.

    If you would like to discover more about our Guardian™ Roof Systems, and want to solve your ‘conservatory too hot’ issue, get in touch with your questions or to request a quick quote.