Do you feel like your getting the most out of your conservatory? Well, if not it may just be time to give this living space a little care and attention. A conservatory is a rather large investment so its crucial that you make the most out of this extension to your living space. 


Over the years we have seen conservatoires being used for a range of purposes, everything from dining rooms all the way to a play space for children. It just goes to show you that this space can be used for anything, its just a task of deciding what room you need the most. 


In this blog post, we aim to provide you with some inspiration when it comes to deciding what to use your conservatory for. Providing you with a range of affordable options that you may want to consider. 


Floral Living Room 


An amazing characteristic of the conservatory is the bright natural lighting. This makes it the perfect place to grow a range of plants indoors. By growing these plants within the comfort of your own conservatory you will be constantly reminded of them and the beauty that they hold. This is also a very natural way to brighten up the living space, choosing bright and vibrant plants is key to making your conservatory truly special. 


Using your conservatory as an extended living room is a great idea for anyone who feels like they could be getting better use out of this space. Additionally, when you fill the room with a handful of freshly grown plants you will be creating a living space that simply attracts people. The only problem with this conservatory transformation idea is that you’ll end up spending so much time in there during the summer months you may just forget about the original living room. 


Spacious Kitchen Extension


There is always a need for more space in the family kitchen. With everyone wanting to prepare their own meals it can feel like you end up running out of worktops a lot sooner than expected. It is for this reason that we see so many family homes using their conservatory as an extension to their kitchen activities. 


The conservatory is a truly incredible part of your home and it really comes into its own when extending the kitchen space. The conservatory offers the natural lighting you need to start your day off right. Decorating the space with simplistic breakfast bar means you can help clear people out of the kitchen in the morning whilst gaining a lovely space to grab a quick bite to eat before the long day ahead. 


Elegant Dining Space


Sitting down as a family and enjoying some delicious food should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. It’s so important to spend this quality time with your family. If your existing dining space is looking a little dated, why not use your conservatory as a modern alternative during these brighter months of the year. 


Transforming your conservatory into dining space is a lovely idea for the family home. By simply decorating the extension with a new set of table and chairs you will be turning this once unused space into an essential part of the home. Coming together with the family will be part of the routine for many years to come, this new and improved dining space will offer the perfect environment for everyone to share stories about their day. 


Perfectly Organised Play Room


For homeowners with young children, you will have witnessed how toys just seem to get everywhere. Sometimes I truly wonder if these toys have a mind of their own! Wouldnt it is lovely if we could contain all of these toys within one part of the home, so they don’t spread making the house look messy and unorganised. 


Luckily, we have the perfect solution. Why not transform your conservatory into a lovely little play area for the little ones? This way you will be able to keep the toys away from the rest of the home while the kids are never too far away. You can finally crack on with the gardening being able to keep one eye on them at all times. 


Office Space


One thing that has come from the coronavirus lockdown is the importance of having a suitable working space from home. This may just be a space for getting on with your weekly shopping ordered or replying to some emails. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to buy a house with purpose-built office space within. It may just mean you have to modify your existing home so accommodate for some well-needed workspace. 


A conservatory has everything that you could ever need for an office, wired up to the mains, Wifi coverage and a beautiful view of the garden. What more could you ask for? By simply installing a desk and some basic decorations you will be creating a dedicated space for those times when you just need to get things done. As the government’s latest advice is to continue working from home, for the time being, a home office might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Boosting productivity whilst making the most of the existing space in your house. 


Gorgeous Garden Getaway


After a long day in the sun, it’s nice to able to move inside whilst still having a view of the garden. We work so hard all year long to maintain this garden, so we deserve to be able to appreciate it from the comfort of the indoors.  A conservatory offers the perfect space to admire the garden from,  lovely and spacious windows make those last few golden hours truly special. 


Creating a garden getaway may just be a lot simpler than you would expect. By decorating your conservatory with comfortable furniture and complemented with a  bright colour scheme will transform the conservatory into a stunning garden getaway. An amazing place to spend your evenings, watching the sun go down with a drink in hand.