In days gone by, the conservatory was typically a room that was used to grow more tropical species of plants such as citrus trees. Over the years, this room became a modern extension of the home and garden with many different conservatory uses from somewhere to entertain to a place to relax and enjoy the garden even when the weather isn’t nice enough to sit outside.

Modern Conservatory Uses

As time has evolved, the conservatory has become a solution for those looking for extra space, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. For those conservatories that have sat largely unused due to being too hot or cold to enjoy, the events of the last year especially, have seen a requirement for more space and people are now realising that it can be more than just a conservatory but an additional living room, somewhere to study or even a hobby room.

We take a look at conservatory uses that fulfil the criteria in a quest for more usable home space.

Space to Entertain

If you have a kitchen diner with a breakfast bar and a small kitchen table, a conservatory can become a space to dine either as a family or to entertain dinner guests. A conservatory doesn’t have to be conservative. You can add colour and decor which makes it a more vibrant space to spend time. Add your dining furniture and you will be the envy of your dinner guests.

conservatory uses - entertain

Living Room

As an alternative to your main living room, or somewhere to escape the rest of the family, you can make this an additional living room with comfortable sofas and chairs and soft furnishings. Use it as a space to escape the TV and relax at the end of the day with a good book.

conservatory uses - family time

Kitchen Extension

If the layout of your house allows, you can actually extend the kitchen into the conservatory and make it one bit open plan space with plenty of light.

Garden Room

Perhaps the original intention for most conservatories, add some rattan furniture with comfortable cushions, some well chosen houseplants and use the room as an extension of the garden. Leave the windows undressed so that the space blends with the outdoors.

Work/Study Space

The conservatory is generally a room with a view of the garden and somewhere that receives the most light in the house. For those that now find themselves working from home that don’t want to lock themselves away in an office, a conservatory can be used as a nice space to work or study. Use the space wisely and make it a hybrid of an office come living space where you can shut your office away with clever use of furniture solutions. Perhaps a fold away desk solution.

conservatory uses - work

Leisure/Games Space

If you are short on space and want to use the room as a family leisure space, you could turn it into a games room/home gym/hobby space. Perhaps, you want to get your living room back from the kids who have commandeered it to play X-Box or maybe you just want to encourage them out of their bedrooms. Maybe the peloton bike in the middle of the living room is annoying you and you want to put it somewhere else?

Of course, if you are looking to make the conservatory a room that you can use all year round, you want to think about future proofing it so that you can achieve this. How will you cope in the height of summer or when it’s really cold and damp? A Guardian Roof System will make the room more valuable and give you that much needed space to do with as you choose. All you need to decide is which of the above conservatory uses best suits your needs.