Do you need Planning Permission for a Conservatory? –

There are a lot of factors that must be considered but in short, you do not have to apply for planning permission because as a homeowner you are by law given “Permitted Development Rights“. Please read on to understand how this works.

A question that we are often asked here at Guardian Roofs is the role that Planning Permission plays when constructing a conservatory or changing a conservatory roof. It is not the easiest thing to understand and this post will give you all the information you need to know about planning permission and conservatories and also the role that this will play with your new construction. If you have any direct questions about Planning Permission and conservatories then please get in touch with a member of the Guardian Roofs team today!

What are the building planning permissions for conservatories?

As mentioned above homeowners are subject to the permitted development rights law which means that homeowners are able to build single storey extensions or conservatories as long as they conform to a variety of points. These points are outlined below – The extension or conservatory must do the following things.

  • When at the front of a property it is allowed to be up to 3 square metres
  • When at the side of a property it is allowed to be any length but the extension must not exceed past the back or front elevated walls
  • When at the rear of a property the extensions must have a width that does not exceed the side walls. For detached properties the height restrictions rise up to 4 metres however for all other properties out there this is restricted to 3 metres. If this is a problem for you there is always the possibility to appeal and sometimes these rights can be removed.

To avoid any problems happening when constructing your new conservatory or extension we definitely recommend that you get in touch with your local planning authority so that you can ensure the whole project runs smoothly. The planning authority will also be able to give you advice so that if the answer is definitely a no you do not get your heart set on a certain style or height of conservatory.

A change in the law…

It is unsure exactly when in 2019 but the rules regarding extensions and planning permission will be changing and a new law called the ‘prior notification’ law will be brought in. This is good news for homeowners as this means that those with a detached home will be able to have an extension that extends up to 4-8 meters in height and for all other properties this will be limited to 3-6 meters.  This is a new method of planning permission and with this method, there is no legal requirement for architectural plans.

To download an outline of the new law coming in to play in 2019 please head on over to this download link

What is the Guardian Warm Roof?

Now that you know the laws behind conservatories and planning permission, what exactly are Guardian Warm Roofs? The guardian warm roof is a lightweight tiled conservatory roof that’s main aim is to fix the problems that are experienced with traditional glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs. The Guardian Warm Roof is LABC approved for 2018 and completely transfers the interior and exterior of conservatories. You can find out a bit more about the conservatory by heading over to the link provided and we also have this great informative video below to give you the full picture.

If you have any further questions about the Planning Permissions surrounding extensions and conservatories then please get in touch with a member of the guardian roofs team today. You can also check where your nearest Guardian Warm Roof Approved Installer is by heading to the link provided.