The long-awaited summer weather finally arrived! With this warmth comes the ability to spend more time in the garden and most importantly, more time with our loved ones. 


Unfortunately, this warm weather brings many conservatory owners issues. The same problems that they face year after year. The conservatory becomes too warm to actually enjoy. The only option is to shut off this space from the rest of the home, waiting for the peak of the summer to pass so that they can use the conservatory again. 


This should never be the case! A conservatory is a rather large investment, for this reason, you should be able to enjoy this living space all year round, regardless of the temperature outside. In this blog post, we will be taking you through the key benefits a Guardian Roof and how this small change to your conservatory today will have a substantial impact on how you will use your living space in the future. 


Outstanding Build Quality Creating A Stunning Garden Getaway 


There is definitely a limit to the number of hours you should spend outside enjoying the sun. Although it may be tempting to lay in the garden all day, it’s crucial that you look after your skin and take regular breaks in the shade. When the average temperature of a conservatory sits around 30 degrees on a hot summer’s day, it’s no surprise that you avoid using this space for shade.  


A Guardian Roof enables you to be able to access this living space even on the hottest and most sunny days. The conservatory is suddenly transformed into a cool and comfortable garden getaway. Giving you the break from the sun that you need without having to go sit within a dark corner of the house. A conservatory enables you still feel like you’re outside and enjoying the weather, without having to sit directly in the sun. 


A Stylish Design Which Complements The Rest of The Home


An often overlooked aspect of a conservatory is the styling and how it makes the home look. This sunny and bright weather only highlights the true state of your conservatory roof. The traditional polycarbonate roof has a tendency to become overrun and small plants and moss, making the conservatory appear to be tired and poorly maintained. Although you may work hard to stay on top of the maintenance of your home and garden, this green growth casts unappealing aesthetics on the rest of the home.


The Guardian Roof system adds a layer of elegance to every home it encounters. The range of tiling options means that you will be able to find a colour that matches the rest of the home effortlessly. Additionally, you can employ your own tiling to make sure your new Guardian Roof looks exactly as you desire. The overall design and style of the roof take the aesthetics of you home to the next level. When the sunlight strikes your home the true beauty of your conservatory will be displayed in all its glory. 


Layers of Quality Insulation Keeping Your Living Space The Right Temperature 


If you currently own a conservatory with either polycarbonate or glass roofing, the summertime heat will be your biggest enemy. On a hot summer’s day, this living space becomes completely unusable. The air becomes extremely warm and the moisture completely dries out making it feel like you’re sitting in the middle of the desert when in fact you’re in the house. 


Our Guardian Roof system have been engineered to eliminate these issue that many conservatory owners face. Using multiple layers of quality insulation ensures that you are able to keep the heat out of your conservatory even in the heart of summer. When someone mentions insulation the first thing that comes to mind is cold weather.  Well, you’re not wrong, insulation works extremely well at keeping the cold out in the winter, it also works in the opposite way in the Summer. Keeping the warm air outside so you can make the most of the inside of your conservatory.  


Managing the temperature of your home is never a simple task, especially when you have a conservatory which is radiating heat through the rest of the house. Luckily, the Guardian Roof will enable you to manage the temperature of your home effectively. Keeping your conservatory the perfect temperature all year is now extremely easy. Your new Guardian Roof has been designed to do all the hard work for you. 


Highest Quality Materials Making Your Conservatory Quiet and Comfortable 


Do you live near a busy road? Well, if so it’s likely that you hear every passing car. This is because the traditional conservatory has not been designed to create a quiet and relaxing living space. In fact, a polycarbonate conservatory roof is a cheap alternative which offers next to no soundproofing.


The build quality of the Guardian Roof is simply unbeatable. Constructed out of the highest quality materials, this roofing system is not only well insulated but it also offers great soundproofing properties. Sometimes we just need to shut ourselves off from the rest of the world and relax. By investing in a quality conservatory roof you will be transforming this part of your home into a tranquil living space which is an absolute pleasure to relax in after a busy working day. 


Removal of Transparent Roofing Eliminates Glare


When the sun is at its strongest, a traditional conservatory roof can offer no protection against glare. Sitting within this space can feel uncomfortable as you are forced to keep your eyes dimmed and you’re not able to truly sit back and relax. Problems like this can really make you consider if your conservatory is a true home extension.


Our Guardian Roofs boast exceptional glare resistance, the solid roof limits nearly all unwanted light from entering the conservatory, creating the shade you need whilst never completely cutting out the natural light that we all know and love. The end result is truly magnificent, allowing you to make the most out of this living space at this most beloved time of the year.