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Guardian Roofs UK is the UK’s leading manufacturer of the Guardian Warm Roof System. We pride ourselves on offering a second to none service and ensure that our customers are always at the forefront of what we do. We have many customers come to us that complain of their traditional conservatory, in particular, the lack of temperature regulation and aesthetical appearance of the conservatory. This article aims to explain what exactly the Guardian Warm Roof System is and how it could be of benefit to you and your conservatory.

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What is the Guardian Warm Roof System?

The Guardian Warm Roof is a replacement roof for your traditional glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs. A key aspect of the roof is the temperature regulation that comes with the new insulated roof. The Guardian Warm Roof allows for cool and airy conservatories in summer and warm cosy conservatories in summer. To show just how good the thermal properties of the Guardian Warm Roof are we can see by the U-Value that is produced which is 0.18W/m2K substantially less than competing brands and roofs. There are also varying styles that the Guardian Warm Roof comes in such as Edwardian, P-Shaped, Victorian and Gable Ended.

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How does the Guardian Warm Roof System help you?

As mentioned above the Guardian Warm Roof System is able to regulate conservatory temperature like no other roof. In addition to this, the roof increases both the internal and external aesthetics of your conservatory this is due to the sleek trims and cappings that come with the Guardian Warm Roof System. With our roof you are effectively transforming the entirety of your conservatory into a more homely room that is viewed less as an extension and more of an integral part of your home.

Why use Guardian Roofs UK?

Guardian Roofs UK pride ourselves on doing things differently in the industry. We introduce new and innovative processes to the conservatory world and always look to enhance the service that is offered by ourselves and retailers. Exclusive to Guardian Roofs is the ‘peace of mind’ pack that comes with our Guardian Warm Roof System which is one of the most comprehensive warranties on the market and provides you with the assurance you need in your conservatory. A final thing that is worth noting is the ease of installation our roofs can be installed by a member of our Team Guardian network in as little as 4 days

The Guardian Roofs Certified Locations

Guardian Roofs covers the entirety of the UK and we have a number of certified installers and partners of the Guardian Warm Roof – If you want to check out the full list of locations then head on over to the location section of the site and find the certified installer that is closest to you.

If you have any question then please do get in touch with a member of the team today and we will be happy to help.