Wonderful Extension Ideas With Guardian Extensions


SIP Panel Extensions


A home extension is a wonderful addition to your home. With the wide range of extensions that are available, it’s often not uncommon to feel spoiled for choice when looking for a home extension. If you are looking for inspiration for an extension to your home then take a look at our top extension ideas below!


Guardian extensions are individually tailored to suit your needs. By combining Kingspan Tek-Panels with the Guardian Warm Roof System, you can truly revitalize your home, creating a beautiful, elegant working, relaxing or entertaining space. 


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Create a Bedroom Space in Your Home


Bedroom extensions are perfectly suited for families who need to expand their living space and where moving house is not an option. This may be due to having to accommodate more family members, whether additional children or a relative in need of regular care. In which case, improving the house by adding a bedroom extension is often the most cost-effective solution. SIP panel bedroom extensions are not restricted to the ground floor – which allows you to even install bedrooms at first-floor level or over an existing single-story structure that has appropriate and adequate foundations. 


It’s simple to install an amazing bedroom space when opting for a Guardian Extension. Our Guardian Bedroom extensions are built using SIP panels that are fabricated off-site. These are then delivered and erected within two to three weeks. Being of modular construction, our bedroom extensions come equipped with an insulated roof and walls and reinforced with steel making this a fantastic and affordable option especially when compared with traditional brick structures.


Amazing Conservatory Extensions


With the warm weather well and truly on the way, a conservatory is a perfect place to enjoy all year round. There’s also a wide range of additional uses for your conservatory which makes a conservatory the perfect extension for your home. If you are looking for amazing conservatory ideas, why not check out our previous article with our top picks?

Our Guardian Conservatory extensions are built using SIP panels that are fabricated off-site. These are then delivered and erected within two to three weeks. Our conservatories are of modular construction and come with insulated roof and walls, double-glazed windows and strong, steel-reinforced structures, and are an affordable alternative to traditional brick-built structures. Guardian conservatories are of the highest quality and are the perfect addition to your home. Get in touch to find out more about our Guardian conservatory extensions.


Enjoy a Fully Functional Living Room Extension


Remodelling your current living room space more often than not requires you to make sacrifices with the existing space that you have to work with. This can be understandably frustrating to homeowners who may feel as if they are stuck with the current space that they have available and are unable to create a living area that is truly their own. A larger living space can offer far more in terms of functionality and you can even combine several functional spaces such as combining a dining and living room area. A Guardian Living Room Extension is the perfect choice for you should you be looking to create or expand the living space that is available in your home.


Why not consider creating a space that allows you to have full access to your garden? Our Guardian living room extensions are perfectly suited to accommodate Bi-Fold doors to open up a full side to the exterior allowing seamless movement between the interior living space and external patio areas. These doors incorporate the same insulation efficiencies as the walls so that when they are closed the interior retains its heat during the winter months, whilst the full-glazing allows the same panoramic garden view as when they are open. Our living room extensions are the perfect addition to your home should you be looking to expand on available living space. 


Establish a Designated Utility Room Extension


Open-plan kitchens are becoming the most popular kitchen design – especially in modern homes. Although many homeowners are interested in changing their kitchen to a modern aesthetic – some often find that they don’t have the space available to create their dream kitchen. As utility appliances are bulky as well as noisy, it can be highly difficult to change the look and feel of a kitchen space when you have appliances such as washing machines or tumble dryers in the kitchen. This is where a utility room extension can be the perfect solution should you be looking to change the look and feel of your kitchen.


Your utility room extension isn’t just restricted to an area in which you can establish a washing room or designated area for your appliances – you can enjoy a wide range of uses of your utility room extension. Why not create a designated office area to get away from the hustle and bustle of your home? You can even create a workshop space to enjoy a new hobby the possibilities are truly endless when you decide to install a Guardian Utility Room Extension.


Deciding to Install a Home Extension


What are SIP Extensions?


Our Guardian SIP panel extensions are the perfect way to install a quick, easy and cost-effective home extension. SIP extensions are constructed sometimes 4 times quicker than a traditional brick, stone or timber frame extension as the triple-insulated panels are prefabricated prior to the start of a build. With the huge variety of uses of extensions that are available – it’s easily possible to create your dream extension space. There is such a range of options available to help with all sorts of issues that you may face in terms of the space or functionality of your home. Take a further look to find out more about our wonderful extensions!


To find out more about our wonderful range of Guardian Extensions, take a closer look on our website or get in touch with a member of our friendly expert team!