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Unfortunately – we have seen a number of holidays being cancelled due to recent events. This has led homeowners who have been forced to stay at home to consider other projects that they may have been putting off – especially around the home. Home extensions are no exception – and with holidays being cancelled and refunded – homeowners are finally looking at investments that can improve the overall value of their homes. There are a wide variety of home extensions that are available and we have a wide range of home extensions which are fantastic investments that will increase the overall value and desirability of your property.


This article will give you some tips and inspiration when considering installing a home extension. As an extension can be used for a variety of different applications or used as different rooms – there’s truly an extension available to suit you. Should you be looking to invest in a home extension or are looking to create an additional fully functional room in your home – get in touch with our expert team today. 


Why Choose a Home Extension?


As we have discussed, although installing a home extension is a significant investment – it will increase the value of your home overall in the long run. If you need to expand your property or find that you are running out of space – extensions can also be a cheaper and less stressful alternative to having to sell your property and move into a larger one. Circumstances can also change – if you have a new member of the family on the way for example – you may find that you desperately need a new room to be installed in the home such as a bedroom. 


When you choose to install one of our Next Generation Home Extensions, you are installing the most advanced and most energy-efficient extension on the market. Our extensions are the perfect way to install a fully functioning room as well as creating a highly affordable space in your home. Not only will your extension be warm and comfortable all year round – your extension offers outstanding energy-efficiency with a U-value of 0.10 W/m2K, which is the most energy-saving home extension available.


Expanding Your Home


Conservatory extensions, bedrooms and living rooms are some of the more common extensions that homeowners choose to install to increase the space available in their home. Our Guardian Extensions are tailored specifically to your needs to ensure that you can install the fully-functioning room that you need. One of the other amazing things about choosing to install an extension is that even with a conservatory extension – you are free to use your new room as you wish. You are not restricted to one space so you are able to chop and change the function of your extension whenever you wish.


Our Guardian Extensions are of modular construction, come with insulated roof and walls, double-glazed windows and strong, steel-reinforced structures, and are an affordable alternative to traditional brick-built structures. With a two to three-week build programme with zero waste – a Guardian Extension is fast to install compared to other methods.


The Installation Process With Guardian


The components that are used to create your Guardian Extension are pre-assembled, factory-engineered and are modular in construction. This ensures a superior build quality as well as fast installation compared to other types of extensions that are available on the market today. As we have mentioned, our extensions offer superior thermal efficiency which is fantastic for the winter months and can put money back in your pocket when you save on energy bills in the winter months. There are a wide range of colours and finishes available to ensure that your brand new extension fits the style and look of your home to the letter.


We offer a completely bespoke design service and we work with you throughout the entire process – advising, recommending and ensuring that the best design solution is achieved for you. Our modular system allows for accelerated planning permissions and you receive technical support from start to finish. We have perfected our installation and design processes for your peace of mind and to make the design and installation process very easy for you. All of our extensions are fully guaranteed and we will help you enjoy your brand new extension in just a few weeks instead of a few months.


Does an Extension Really Increase the Price of Your Home?


Although some people try and dispute the fact that you can increase the value of your home – it is very true and you can see some very impressive increases in value from certain extensions. For example, creating a double bedroom with en-suite facilities can increase the value of a home by 23% with extra bathrooms increasing the value by around 6% and another double bedroom 12%. This is huge considering the cost of installing a modular extension and the energy efficiency that you receive from a Guardian Extention leads to significant future savings. The increase in the value of your home is another benefit that you can enjoy when it’s time to change houses.


You can also market a home with an additional bedroom or bathroom area should you install this type of extension. This may make your home more popular when it comes to facing the property market. You are also able to increase the overall value of your home so if you are looking to trade homes – you can potentially swap to a bigger home as you are now at that price range. A 23% or even 6% increase is a lot for higher value homes which allows you to continue to climb the property ladder.


Getting the Most Out of Your Investment in Your Extension


To get the most out of your investment, ensure that your extension matches the style of your home should you want this. We advise you throughout the entire installation and design process so we can also advise you on maximising your investment. The connections of the extension to the building as well as the placement of the room can also add value and make your home more popular to potential buyers. If you are looking to invest in an extension to increase the value of your home – you will want to make your home as attractive as possible to new buyers so it’s important to put some thought into this when designing your extension.


The location of your home is also important as there are other investments that you can make to increase the value of your home further. If you live in a suburban area for example, why not invest in a garage as well as an extension? This will maximise on your investments so it’s important to bear in mind what extensions are desirable if you are looking at the property development side of installing an extension.


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Whether you are looking to expand your home, want to increase the value of your home or need to create an additional functioning space. There’s a huge range of extensions available such as a conservatory, utility room, bedroom, living room or another extension. If you are interested in finding out more about a Guardian Extension or want to find out more about installing an extension, use an online contact form to get in touch with our experts today or telephone now.