When looking for a replacement conservatory roof – it’s highly important to consider the best roof systems on the market. There are a number of conservatory roof materials that were used historically that cause a wide number of frustrating issues with your conservatory. From your conservatory being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter to your conservatory suffering from mould or condensation – these issues are likely caused by the material of your conservatory roof. If your roof is made out of polycarbonate or glass – this causes a wide range of issues that make your conservatory unfunctional as a living space.

If your conservatory is not fully functional or thermally efficient – this can understandably be highly frustrating. Your conservatory is a significant investment and the fact that you are unable to use it a lot of times during the year results in your conservatory just not being able to be used as a functional living space. If you do have a conservatory – this can be a simple way to add an additional room to your home that you can enjoy all year round. If you can create an additional functional room in your home – this is a simple way to upsize without having to purchase a new home or to increase the space and potentially the overall value of your property.

A Guardian Warm Roof System allows you to retain the style of a conservatory whilst providing you with all of the functions and features of a property extension. This is why this system is a market leader in the conservatory replacement roof market.

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