The recent government announcements means that as of July 19th, restrictions will be lifted and many of us will try and go back to some sort of pre-Covid existence. While undoubtedly, we will still need to exercise caution and do our bit to try and contain the spread, it does mean that we are able to move around more freely, meet up with friends and family, invite people over for dinner… time to prepare your home for guests!

Lockdown may have been a time for many people to spend time on their house but for others, a lack of guests took away the pressure to have everything organised and up together. If your conservatory is piled high with junk, your garden is looking a bit lacklustre and your home could do with a general spruce up, we are here to help. Let’s take a look at how to prepare your house for guests.

Making the Most of Those Unloved Spaces

If you have been using your conservatory as an office for the last year, or it has just become the dumping ground for “stuff”, now is the time to think about turning it into a room you can entertain in. Perhaps you have plans for summer BBQs and want to have the conservatory ready for the Great British Weather. Maybe your conservatory is one of those rooms that isn’t really used that much because it’s too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

Many people believe that they need to completely replace their conservatory to make it a room that they can enjoy but something as simple as replacing the roof is all that is required. Converting your conservatory roof to a Guardian™ roof system comes with many benefits:

  • Regulate the temperature so that it becomes a room for all seasons
  • Reduce the noise and stop the sound of the rain hammering down on your roof
  • Stop the glare of the sun beaming through the current polycarbonate roof
  • Prevent sun bleaching on your furniture and soft furnishings
  • This then means that you and the family/friends can spend time in the conservatory using it to its maximum potential. When you aren’t using it to entertain, it can become somewhere that you eat together, or that you use for study/work. It will also give you additional space when everyone is working at home.

    Prepare Your Home for Guests but Don’t Forget the Garden

    Now that’s the conservatory sorted, what about the garden? You don’t need to get landscapers in to make the garden a place you can enjoy. A simple spruce up is sometimes all you need. Let’s take a look at some of the simple yet effective jobs that you can do in the garden to make a big difference to the appearance without making a huge dent in your budget:

  • Painting the fences – just a lick of paint or a change of colour is all you need to spruce up those tired and worn looking fences
  • Jet wash the patio, decking and other surfaces – there is something rather satisfying about seeing the real colour of the patio and a good jet wash can leave your garden looking like new
  • Get planting – it’s easy and not very expensive to give your garden a makeover with some colourful bedding plants and hanging baskets. Choose varieties that will flower year after year so that, as you add new plants, you are continually surprised each year

    Guttering, Fascias and Soffits

    The guttering around your property should be regularly cleaned to avoid clogging and potential damage to your roof. You should clean the guttering in autumn and spring, and you should be inspecting it for holes/leaks too. Be sure to check all around the property and any outbuildings such as the garage. Remove any debris including moss and leaves to ensure that the water has a clear path along the gutter and away from your property.
    It may be time to consider getting your gutters, fascias and soffits replaced. Take the opportunity to look at the different colours and styles available so that you can modernise the exterior of your property. It is amazing how much difference new uPVC guttering can make to the appearance of your home.

    Improving Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

    When visitors arrive at your house, is their first impression going to be a good one? You literally have seconds to create a good impression, starting with the front door Many modern front doors are now made of a composite material that can be painted. A lick of paint can give a whole new life to a property.
    What about the windows? Perhaps your double glazing is in good condition but the seals could do with updating. These little improvements actually make a big difference and by repairing rather than replacing you are not only saving money but also reducing your carbon footprint

    In addition to painting/updating your doors and windows, pay attention to the driveway – jet washing and weeding the areas around the front of your home. Again, fix any fences, give them a lick of paint and pop some hanging baskets up.

    Get the BBQ Out

    Then, once all the hard work to prepare your home for guests is done, you could put your feet up but the chances are you have to do the shopping, get the BBQ ready, get your chef skills on and host that soiree that you have been so busy preparing for.
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