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Here at Guardian Roofs UK we have a lot of enquiries from customers who complain about two main things. Firstly their conservatories are too hot during the summer months. This is due to poor reflection from their glass or polycarbonate roof allowing heat to penetrate and increase the temperature of the conservatory. Secondly, in the winter months their conservatories are too cold because of the poor insulation provided by glass and polycarbonate roofs. The answer to these two questions is Solid Conservatory Roofs. This article will explain why Replacing a Conservatory Roof With a Solid Roof is a good decision for your conservatory.

Why should you replace your conservatory roof with a solid roof?


There are a few major reasons as to why you should replace your glass or polycarbonate roof with a solid roof as it can provide many benefits such as:


  • Temperature Regulation
  • Reduction in heating bills
  • Adding value to your home
  • Quick installation time
  • 10 Year Guardian Guarantee
  • Various styles from Victorian, Edwardian and gable Ended
  • Turns your Conservatory to an Extension
  • Exceptional Soundproofing


If you have any questions about Replacing a Conservatory Roof with a Solid Roof then get in touch with a member of the team at Guardian today. Alternatively, you can fill in our free quick quote form today.


What is a Solid Conservatory Roof?


A Solid Conservatory Roof is a Conservatory Roof that is often tiled and used to replace the traditional conservatory roofing system which is a glass or polycarbonate roof. A Solid Conservatory Roof provides insulation and heat reflection like no other roof. Our Guardian Warm Roof systems are one of the industries leading Replacement Roofs and offer our customers year-round use of their conservatory. The installation that comes with Solid Conservatory Roofs is extremely fast and requires a minimal amount of preparation.

We ensure that our service conforms to all the building regulations set by the government and tailor our roofs to suit your needs. Since the change in the law in 2010 you no longer need planning permission to replace your conservatory roof with a solid roof. You do however need to get in touch with the Neighbour Consultation scheme. Laws do however change and they are different in varying areas. We recommend you check the Planning Portals Website for the most recent rules and regulations.


Is Replacing your Conservatory Roof with a Solid Roof Right For You?


Conservatories that have been built in the past 20 years or so will probably have been built using a polycarbonate or glass roofing system. These two roofing methods present a lot of problems for conservatories and provide little insulation during the winter months. Because of this your heating bills may be higher and you may not be able to use the conservatory. When thinking about replacing your conservatory roof for a solid alternative ask yourself two main questions.


  1. Is your conservatory too hot during summer and too cold during winter?
  2. Does your conservatory feel like an ‘add on’ as appose to an additional room?


These two questions will help you decide that it is in fact time to change your conservatory roof and transform your current conservatory into a room that you can use year-round in all four seasons.


Solid Conservatory Roof Installation


Replacing a Conservatory Roof with a Solid Roof is an extremely simple process for our expertly trained members of staff. We are able to replace your roof in as little as 3 working days. Another benefit is that each roof is extremely customisable so if your conservatory was built many years ago by a company that doesn’t exist anymore we can come and measure up the conservatory for a streamlined finish leaving the exterior of the conservatory replenished and aesthetically pleasing.


We provide Solid Conservatory Roof installations in a variety of areas all across the UK – You can refer to our Locations page for the full list of areas that we cover.


The Guardian Roofs UK service


Guardian Roofs UK is lucky enough to work with some of the best in the business and have a network of approved installers of our roofing system. We over national coverage with local service and ensure that the service you receive is standardised across the board meaning that any product or service you buy from us in any area of the UK is the same.


We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of the Guardian Warm Roof and Guardian Extensions in the UK and have been working in the industry for over 10 years now. If you would like to find out more about the company or why you should join team guardian then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


We look forward to hearing from you and we hope you now understand why Replacing a Conservatory Roof with a Solid Roof is something you should look in to.