Sheerline Aluminium
Roof Lanterns

NECS Group are proud to be a UK manufacturer of Sheerline S1 Roof Lanterns.  These ultra-secure, thermally efficient lanterns will flood homes with natural light and add style to any space.

Sheerline Roof Lantern is a warmer, slimmer and much more secure roof lantern. Thermlock® multi-chamber thermal technology helps keep heating bills low, while deep internal bars create a strong structure for spans up to 3.2 x 6m without tie bars. Ultra-low line aesthetics give a stylish architectural appearance, enhanced with hardwearing powder-coated aluminium inside and out.

The innovative construction of the S1 system eliminates the security weaknesses of traditional lantern designs. Features such as anti-tamper screws, enclosed anti-tamper glazing, security tape and our p glass lock, alongside our unique high security ridge end, ensure there isn’t an easy way to enter your property via your flat roof lantern.

Introducing Sheerline


  • S1’s high-security design encapsulates glass with a unique patent-pending glass lock.
  • High-performance glazing tape adds a layer of security.
  • Integral gaskets prevent top caps from slipping.
  • Anti-Tamper Security Screws for attaching end caps to the roof bars, preventing them from being removed.
  • High-Security radius end top caps that are bolted through from the inside with a high-security radius end metal fixing.
  • All rafter & hip rafter top caps are protected by an overlapping cast end cap which prevents access to the end of the bar and tops caps from being removed when attacked.


  • Innovative Thermlock® technology in all profiles keeps heating bills low. The multi-chamber technology is also far superior to traditional polyamide systems based around 24mm glazing.
  • The most thermally efficient eaves beam assembly ensures aluminium remains internal which helps reduce cold-bridging and condensation issues.
  • High performance 28mm glazing 1.0 U-value W/(m²K) centre pane* provides truly exceptional thermal performance and gives the homeowner more options such as laminated or acoustic IGU’s.
  • A unique co-extruded perimeter seal also ensures draughts and rain are kept safely outside.
  • Ridge body design prevents the risk of water tracking up and around the glass unit by fully sealing the unit within the glazing pocket.
  • Load tested for a snow load of 1.2 KN/m2. Covering the UK up to 200m altitude.


  • Glass closure trim with rafter end caps that run perfectly parallel creating a refined architectural look with clean, crisp modern lines.
  • Shallow top caps sit 8mm above external glass provide an ultra-low profile.
  • Integrated LED light strip channels in both the Eaves Beam & Ridge.
  • 2-way and 4-way roof options available.
  • Deep internal roof bars, clean lines and discrete external aesthetics create an exceptional looking roof.
  •  Slim, consistent 50mm rafter, hip and ridge sightlines maximise the light flooding into the home.