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Guardian Roofs are experts in Solid Conservatory Roof systems and have been in the Conservatory Roofing industry for the past 10 years and in that time have developed some of the best conservatory roofing alternatives on the market. Maybe you are wondering what exactly Solid Conservatory Roof Systems are or why you should think about having one? This post will explain what exactly Solid Conservatory Roof systems are and why you should have one on your conservatory.

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What are Solid Conservatory Roof Systems?

Solid Conservatory Roof Systems are developed as an alternative method of roofing for conservatories. The reason these roofs were developed was to tackle the main problems that glass and polycarbonates roofs have which is temperature regulation and noise issues. So what exactly is the Guardian Solid Roofing System? We have developed a Guardian Warm Roof for conservatories which is a solid conservatory roof to ensure that temperature regulation occurs effectively and that your conservatory is able to be used yearly. In addition to fixing the problems that come with traditional roofing systems the Guardian Tiled Warm Roof also enhances the exterior appearance of your conservatory turning it into a modern stylish space to use. Internally, the addition of a solid conservatory roof turns your conservatory into an additional room of your house and not just an added conservatory.

If you have any questions about both the Guardian Warm Roof system offered by us or the Guardian Extension then you can request a quick quote today or get in touch with a member of the team.

Why should you use a Solid Conservatory Roof System?

As mentioned above a Solid Conservatory Roof System provides many benefits to the exterior and interior appeal of your home. In addition to this, Solid Roofs also corrects the temperature regulation issues with Glass and Poly Carbonate roofs so that you can use your conservatory in the cooler winter months and can also use the conservatory in the warmer summer months without worrying about the temperature of your conservatory. Another positive about the Guardian Warm Roof is the installation time that comes with our solid roofing systems. Because of the ease of installations, we can turn around a job in as little as 4 days allowing for you to enjoy your newly converted conservatory in as quick a time as possible.

The Guardian Roofs Service

As mentioned above Guardian Roofs have over 10 years experience in the conservatory industry which has allowed us to maximise our competencies and improve as a business to ensure that our customers are left feeling satisfied and happy with the service provided and the end product.

We have a number of certified installers across the UK which means no matter where you are in the UK you could be seeing the benefits of our services.

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