Spring Clean your Conservatory Making it Usable all Year Round

Why not make your conservatory usable all year round and make it into a space that everyone can enjoy. Read our top tips for a Spring Clean your Conservatory and make it a room in your home that everyone loves – discussed by Guardian Roofs UK.

If you have a conservatory or have ever had one you will know they can easily become a space that you don’t use any more or a storage place for clutter for everyone in the family.

The first thing we advise you to do is look at your conservatory and decide when and how you want to use it. There are so many ways a conservatory can be used and you need to make it a defined space to ensure you get the most from it.

If it’s a relatively new conservatory then it should already be a warm and cosy room, however, older conservatories can be cold in the winter and hot in the summer so a space that no one ever uses.

Why is your conservatory cold in the winter and hot in the summer?

The main reason for this will be your conservatory roof and this is because a structure that has large windows with a plastic roof will lose far more heat than one which is insulated. Older conservatory windows weren’t designed and to be as airtight and the roofs were not insulated compared to modern conservatory structures today.

If you have a conservatory which is more than 15 years old then it is likely that the roof will not be insulated and energy efficient. If you want to make the most of your conservatory then replacing an outdated roof with a new insulated one will transform its appearance, making it look modern inside and out. As well as keeping your conservatory warm in the winter months, it also stops the thermal gain from sunlight hitting your roof in the summer, making it too hot and stuffy to use.

Why do glass and polycarbonate conservatories get hot?

Glass has a low thermal conductivity, as well as being transparent and when the sunlight enters the transparent glass or polycarbonate panels it turns in to heat and isn’t able to escape, thus creating the ‘greenhouse effect’. The heat then accumulates and can become unbearable in the summer months.

Replacing your Conservatory Roof

A solution to ensure you can use your conservatory all year round is replacing your old roof with an insulated tiled or solid conservatory roof. A new roof will transform a conservatory into an extension which can be used comfortably all through the year. A new conservatory roof will be fully insulated making it more efficient and reducing heating bills. It will transform the look of your conservatory inside and out and when you have decided on how you are going to use the space it will increase the value and attractiveness of your home if you are thinking of selling. Good and reputable conservatory roof companies offer long guarantees on their tiled or solid roofs and you can expect them to last for 50 years plus which is twice the average life expectancy of a glass or polycarbonate roof. Replacing a conservatory roof will often cost less than you think and will increase the value of your home as well as your usable living space.

It used to be that conservatories had to have a certain percentage of their roofing clear and translucent for them to be exempt from planning permission, however, changes to building regulations now mean that you may not need planning permission for a solid roof or large conservatory in the UK. A good conservatory roof company will be able to advise you on this.

If you decide you don’t need a new conservatory roof then the next thing to do is to give it a good spring clean.

Start with cleaning your windows outside, including the roof. It may be easier to use a professional window cleaner to do this as it’s a big job, but either way, the outside is the first place to start. Clean your window and door frames and window ledges by wiping them with warm water and then wiping with a clean dry microfibre cloth.

The next thing to do it to clear out your conservatory, decluttering and throwing away or taking items you no longer want to your local recycling centre or charity shop. Think about selling any items that may be sellable on free selling sites or local Facebook sites, always remember that you may not want or need it anymore but there will be people out there that do. You can also advertise things for free on these sites and this means the buyer will come and collect it rather than you having to take it anywhere which is a great option for bigger items.

Next clean your windows inside, including the roof windows. If they are really dirty you may want to start by wiping them down with warm water and then using a good glass cleaner, if they’re not too bad then a good glass cleaner will do.

Wipe down all your window frames and sills inside and when you have done this we know that already you will start to like your conservatory all over again as it will look cleaner and brighter.

Next, give your floor a good clean. If your floor is carpeted then a good hoover and a shake and vac will freshen it up and use a carpet stain remover on any stubborn stains. If your carpet is older then you may need a professional carpet cleaner and this often gives it a new lease of life and may give you another 12 months from it. If it is beyond cleaning then you may need to consider new flooring. If this is the case then if you are using your conservatory to open up your home into your garden and vice versa then it’s a good idea to consider a wood, laminate or vinyl flooring as this is easier to keep clean and wipe away any mud or dust walked in from the garden. If you already have hard flooring then a hoover and steam is a good start, wooden flooring can be sanded and revarnished or oiled and laminate can be lightly polished with a good cleaner.

Finally, give any paintwork a new splash of paint and remember neutral colours are best as they won’t date as quickly and you can always add colour with accessories and furnishings.

The next step is to think about what you want to use your conservatory for and how your space can be used more effectively, and here are some ideas for you.

Spring Clean your Conservatory into a Dining Room

Turning your conservatory into a dining room offers you a separate area to eat in and more of an ‘al fresco’ dining experience without worrying about the UK weather. A conservatory is most likely to be one of the brightest rooms in your home so with views of your garden it can be the perfect room for a family dining area. You may want to use it daily or just for special occasions as a more formal dining room for Christmas, birthdays or dinner with friends. If you decide you want to use it as an additional living space too then add a then a comfy sofa, TV, soft lighting and an extendable table to the side that can easily be used for the times that you want to. It really is lovely to open up your conservatory doors and relax on your sofa or eat with your family or friends.

Spring Clean your Conservatory into a Kitchen Diner/Family Room

If your conservatory leads from your kitchen then it can easily be turned into a kitchen diner family room. Add a corner sofa or a couple of armchairs and it gives you the feeling of an open kitchen, dining space where you can all be together when dinner is being made. You can sit with a glass of wine when your other half is cooking and the kids can be playing or doing their homework. Open up the doors in the good weather and it gives you an open and airy feel for you all to enjoy.

Spring Clean your Conservatory into a Family Snug

As your family grows you may feel you need an additional room in your home for you all to relax in. Think about how best to lay out your conservatory and add a comfy sofa, cushions, beanbag, soft lighting and a TV to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Use neutral tones for furniture and paint and add splashes of colour with cushions and maybe a rug. If you decide to use your conservatory as a snug then you will definitely need window blinds to ensure that when it is being used in the lighter hours that there is no glare from the sun. There are so many options with blinds for conservatories now and good blind companies will make them to measure and to fit them to your bespoke windows perfectly, in the material and colour you want.

Spring Clean your Conservatory into an Open-Plan Formal Living Room

It is easy to create an open plan formal living room in your conservatory and there’s nothing better than snuggling down in the evening in a warm and cosy space with the doors open in the summer or closed in the winter and you still being able to see your garden and the sky. Use the natural light from your conservatory to create an inviting space with neutral walls to keep the look simple and modern. You can add beautiful formal sofas and armchairs in neutral tones and add splashes of colour with cushions and accessories to make it feel luxurious, warm and cosy. Add lamps to give you soft lighting and dark furniture will give you an amazing contrast and a space that everyone will enjoy.

Spring Clean your Conservatory into a Playroom

When you have young children you will forever be looking at toys scattered in every room if you don’t have a separate playroom for it all to be kept in. A conservatory is a great space to use as a playroom where all their toys can be kept neat and tidy when they aren’t using them as well as it giving them easy access to the garden in the warmer months. As your children get older you can make it into a cosy area for them with a sofa and tv where they can sit back and relax after a day at school or on the weekend when they need some downtime. Add modern storage cabinets for the storage of their smaller toys and some shelves with wooden letters and numbers or family photos. By creating their own play area they can enjoy hours of fun and a place where their ever-growing set of toys can be kept.

Spring Clean your Conservatory into a Games Room

A games room is a great use of space for your older children and ensures their games and consoles don’t take over your lounge area or so that they don’t bury themselves away in their bedrooms for hours and hours not speaking or socialising with anyone. Why not add a pool table, dartboard and plasma screen on the wall with a mini-fridge full of soft drinks. A comfy sofa, cushions, throws and beanbags on the floor will make it a fun place that your children and their friends will want to use. Their friends can come round to socialise and game to their heart’s content without impacting the rest of the families relaxation space.

Spring Clean your Conservatory into a Sunroom

The traditional use for a conservatory is a lounge or sunroom which allows you to enjoy the daily light in comfortable and relaxing surroundings. The natural light in a sunroom combined with the glass windows and doors ensure the room stays warm into the evenings, making it the perfect place to relax. During the day opening the doors will open up your home into the garden and you can potter in the garden, sit with a cup of tea and watch the kids playing outside. Comfy sofas or chairs with a coffee table and maybe an extendable dining table make it easy and versatile to use, allowing you to make the most of the space all year round.

Spring Clean your Conservatory into a Gym

This isn’t such a popular choice but some people use their conservatories as a defined gym. It means your gym equipment isn’t kept in different rooms around the house or maybe in a cold garage. If you love working out at home then it is a brilliant use of space, especially if you enjoy the brightness and natural light when you are exercising. Open up the doors and windows and feel the breeze whilst you are exercising.

Spring Clean your Conservatory into a Cinema Room

Add some blackout blinds, a comfy sofa with lots of throws and cushions and create your own home cinema room for you all to use to snuggle down in on your own or as a family to watch a film. Blinds are a must have if you are using it as a cinema room

Spring Clean your Conservatory into a Utility Room

Again this isn’t a choice that many people make, however, if you are fed up of having washing and clean clothes in every room of the house then this could be the one for you. Choose modern storage to suit your needs and maybe add a TV that you can watch during your hours of ironing if you have a big family. Neutral colours and nice pictures and trinkets are brilliant ways to make your new utility room look nice and inviting, even a rocking chair so when you are having a break and a cup of tea you can open up the doors and relax looking out onto your garden.

Spring Clean your Conservatory into a Mum and Dad Den

If you have lots of visitors staying regularly or you simply need an additional bedroom then you can convert your conservatory into an additional bedroom. You can make it into a permanent bedroom or make it a multi-functional living space and bedroom by having a big comfy sofa bed that can be easily converted when you need it.

Spring Clean your ConservatoryGuardian UK Conservatory Roofs

A conservatory is a popular room to relax – a little escape haven for us all so why not make it a defined and useable space.

A conservatory can add much-needed living space to a home and as long as it is created with a use in mind then they are fantastic, light, open and airy rooms that can connect you to the outdoors. If your conservatory is over 15 years old then the roof will most likely need repairing or replacing. The materials used for conservatory roofs have developed significantly over the years and you have several options with many benefits when it comes to replacing it.

If you’re thinking about a new conservatory roof then tiles or solid conservatory roof panels will be the solution that offers you a modern look without the expense of demolishing your existing conservatory and starting all over again. The tiles and panels used now are designed to slot together, making the installation quick and easy.

What are the Benefits of a New Guardian Conservatory Roof?

A new tiled conservatory roof offers:

  • Added strength to your existing conservatory
  • A modern look
  • A comfortable temperature all year round with no looking at dirty or smeary glass or polycarbonate roof panels
  • You can have skylights and roof lights installed into your new tiled roof

When you are considering replacing your conservatory roof, think about what you want from the room, is it a spring-summer escape or do you want to be able to use it all year round, as this will determine the type of roof you replace it with.

About Guardian Roofs

Our lightweight, insulated Guardian Warm Roof system have been designed to replace the typical older style conservatory roofs easily and in a cost-effective way.

The weight of our new guardian roofs was critical in its design to ensure it can be fitted onto an existing conservatory. It has gone through vigorous structural tests and thermal standards to ensure it has passed all the required quality regulations and compliance.

The Warm Guardian Roof is an easy and practical solution that will revamp your conservatory and give it a new and modern look, enabling you to use it all year round.

About Guardian Roofs UK

Guardian Roofs UK is conservatory roof experts and will help you choose the right roof for you and your home. They are lightweight, fully insulated and thermally efficient which will transform your conservatory inside and out, making it look more like an extension over a conservatory and will convert an unused room in your home into one that you can use in all year round.

When you replace your old style polycarbonate roof with a modern and stylish Guardian roof you will have a modern looking extension that is fully soundproof and insulated, saving you money on your heating costs. They look impressive on the inside and outside and come in many styles and colours, You can even choose to have skylight windows and ceiling lights in your new roof ensuring you still get lots of daylight shining through.

Our replacement conservatory roofs installed quickly over a few days with minimal disruption to you and your home

Every Guardian roof is designed and constructed to your specific requirements and measurements. They are pre-assembled in controlled factory conditions where the highest quality manufacturing and testing processes are followed.

It has been proven that a Guardian Roof can reduce your energy bills and the high-performance insulation achieves a U-value of only 0.18W/m.K for England and Wales and 0.15 W/m.K in Scotland. Guardian Roofs are also known as warm roofs in the industry.

There are many styles of conservatories and our Guardian Roofs can be manufactured to fit any style and measurement in a solid or tiled style roof as a full replacement.

We have an amazing range of tiles and colours to choose from to ensure you can match and complement your home when you replace your conservatory roof. If you are building an extension on to your property then our tiled or solid roofs can also be used. Skylight windows and ceiling spotlights can all be incorporated into your new roof and our team of experts will help you choose the right style for you.

If you are thinking about a Spring Clean your Conservatory with a new conservatory roof to transform the way it looks inside and out then contact us on 0845 564 0628 and one of the team will be able to answer any questions you may have or book your free no-obligation site visit.