What Does the Future Hold For Home Improvement?

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An extremely vast and ever-increasing sector – home improvement is becoming more and more popular and important with homeowners. With changes across the world this year and other important reasons such as environmental responsibility and the ability to increase the value of your home – it’s no surprise that home improvement is steadily on the rise.

But what is the future of home improvement? What should we expect to see in the next few years and what is making homeowners more interested in improving their homes? We take a look at some of the current trends and events that have affected the industry and why it’s getting more and more important for homeowners to consider upgrades and improvements to their home.

The Guardian Warm Roof System for conservatories is a highly innovative system that allows you to enjoy your conservatory all-year-round. An exceptional product in the home improvement market – we are able to fit your replacement roof within just a few days with minimal disruption to your home. With it being independently proven that a Guardian Warm Roof can save you money on your energy bills, using high-performance insulation that achieves a superior U-value of only 0.18 W/m.K (England & Wales) and 0.15 W/m.K (Scotland) – this is a fantastic product for your home.

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Energy Efficiency in the Home is Becoming More Important

There’s no doubt that the climate emergency and other concerns about our environmental impact has changed the way that homeowners approach their home. From reducing waste to looking for environmentally friendly products, it’s likely that the home improvement market is set to move towards more and more environmentally friendly products. Products that are designed to increase thermal efficiency in the home, reduce waste and other factors that can help fight climate change are highly important. This is likely to push the market towards innovating further into environmental technology and this is reflected in our range of products. In terms of developing the Guardian Warm Roof System – we were ahead of the curve in terms of energy efficiency on the market and are one of the leading conservatory roof replacement systems on the market.

The Current Climate Has Led to Investments Into the Home

With current events causing disruptions globally, homeowners have had a lot of time at home and increased capital available from cancelled holidays and other events. This has moved a vast number of home improvement projects further up the list and who knows how holidays will change and if holidays in the UK will increase. These means that homeowners have now realised that they can increase the overall value and desirability of their homes which has seen an increase in home improvement products across the board. Products that are higher investments return money over time and this has made these products highly popular amongst homeowners.

Projects that were on the back burner so to speak have now been accelerated forwards in priority and this has led to a number of home improvement projects being carried out. After the New Year – this is always a time of reflection for families and after recent events – a number of projects are likely to be brought forward in priority. There is still uncertainty moving into 2021 therefore it will be interesting to see how these trends continue moving into the New Year.

There is More Knowledge Available Regarding Home Improvement

Knowledge of the various products that are available has massively increased over the last decade. With rapid advancements in terms of the internet and the sources for products online, it’s easy to find new products in seconds and all of the information regarding the products is at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for brochures discussing products, need to ask for further information or are looking for advice on which product is best for you – there is so much information now available that can help you choose the product that is best suited to you.

Although some have concerns that there can be too much information available online – you are able to research using a variety of sources and then come to a conclusion based on reviews, discussions and other information online. There are also myths that surround home improvement products that can be debunked by experts online. All of this has also contributed to the increase in home improvement and will help support the increase in the future.

Moving Vs Improving – It’s Becoming Better to Improve

One of the biggest questions, when homeowners are looking to extend or expand a home, focuses around improving their current home or moving to a larger home. Moving to a larger home is simply not an option for many homeowners and therefore – they need to improve their home with extensions or by transforming rooms into bedrooms for example. Families often choose areas for specific reasons such as being close to work and being in a good area for schools so it’s counterproductive for them to move to a worse area in terms of their needs. This is another driving factor in the growth that has been seen in the home improvement sector.

Final Thoughts on the Future of Home Improvement Products

Guardian Conservatory Roof Installation

The future of home improvement products will lie in environmental responsibility and how the global climate in terms of business moves forwards. Home improvement is a highly important sector and it will be very exciting indeed to see the various additional products that will be developed for homes in the future.

The Guardian Warm Roof System is ideally suited to increase the thermal efficiency of your home, is a market leader in innovation & efficiency and will allow you to save money on your energy bills & enjoy your conservatory all year long.

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