Replacement Conservatory Roofs – What Styles Are Available? 

Custom Guardian Warm Roof

Apart from being able to enjoy a conservatory space all year round with a replacement conservatory roof – there’s no doubt that a replacement conservatory roof also brings elegance and style to your conservatory. With a wide range of classic styles available as well as a completely bespoke layout – we are fully able to help you install a wonderful replacement conservatory roof.


This article goes into detail about the styles of conservatory roof that are available as well as a recap on why you should consider installing a conservatory replacement roof. If you have any further questions about the styles of replacement conservatory roof that are available or want further information on a replacement conservatory roof – get in touch using an online contact form on our website or telephone now.


Take the Roof Off With Our Wonderful Replacement Conservatory Roofs


The Guardian Warm Roof was developed to completely transform your conservatory space into a livable area. It’s sometimes impossible during extreme weather to enjoy your conservatory fully with the winter being a particular culprit for making a conservatory space unlivable in the cold. This is frustrating to many as a conservatory is a significant investment so it’s hardly a surprise that you will want to enjoy your conservatory to the fullest. With a huge range of styles available, your replacement conservatory roof will perfectly complement your conservatory as well as giving you the thermal efficiency that you need to enjoy your conservatory – whatever the weather.


Our Bespoke Conservatory Roof Design


As discussed, in certain instances – your conservatory may have been built and styled to a highly specific layout which our classic styles do not match. This does not mean that we cannot install a replacement conservatory roof although we may need to visit your home in order to give you an accurate quotation. We will also confirm how your roof will look and this is perfect for those with custom conservatories that do not conform to ‘typical’ conservatory styles. This not only allows you to install a style that you love – it allows you to enjoy your conservatory all year round – the way it is supposed to be enjoyed! 


Maximise Space With The Lean-to Tiled Conservatory Roof


The Guardian Lean To replacement conservatory roof maximises space at the rear of your home. he ends can either have one or two hips (slopes). Ideal for kitchen extensions, the roof can go as low as 15º with roof windows. This conservatory roof style is well suited for kitchens due to the extended space so if you are looking to install an additional room or want to move your kitchen space into your conservatory and adapt your old kitchen into a new room.


Period Elegance With a Victorian Tiled Conservatory Roof


Perfect for those that have reduced or restricted space available in their garden, the Victorian tiled style is a beautiful style that celebrates the Victorian Style. The internal plaster finish that is featured on the roof has a highly attractive appearance with a facet front finish. This roof style features contemporary styling as well as more options for door positioning. This makes a Victorian Tiled Conservatory Roof the perfect way to enjoy the outdoor space of your garden.


Classic Design Styles With an Edwardian Tiled Conservatory Roof


The Classic Sunroom Shape is a style that is synonymous with the Edwardian Conservatory. This conservatory style also combines traditional and attractive windows roof windows to create a wonderful conservatory space. Ideally suited to integrate with all house styles – the Guardian Edwardian Tiled Conservatory Roof is extremely versatile – so much so that you can even install this style in bungalows. This style maximises room space and is a great addition to your home.


Gorgeous Height With a Gable Front Tiled Conservatory Roof


The main feature of the Guardian Gable Front Tiled Conservatory Roof is that it brings continuous height to the room. This is because of the long central ridge that is featured within the design of the conservatory roof. The gable end allows you to get the most from your roof windows providing a light and airy space. This specific design is perfectly suited for

 a replacement conservatory roof as well as a new build conservatory roof. This produces an area that allows for a large amount of natural light to fill the room – making a wonderful natural space.


Specialist Shapes or Combination Tiled Conservation for Custom Designs


The P-shape Conservatory or combination style allows you to combine two different styled living spaces under one Guardian solid roof. These spaces are extremely adaptable to create a unique, multi-purpose room to your exact specification. P shape and T shape designs can maximise your living space and this is the perfect addition should you be looking for extended living space in your home. This style is ideal for converting an old conservatory into a fully functional room. 


Our Guardian Roof Slate – The Number One Choice for Most Homeowners


Our fully unique and guaranteed slate is fully tested and approved offering many important qualities and advantages. Designed specifically by Guardian, this material has been specifically designed for lightweight conservatory roof systems. Our slate will not break or become brittle like traditional slate but maintains all of the benefits and appearance of natural slate and is very flexible and environmentally friendly. We are also constantly developing new high-tech solutions to reduce costs to homeowners as well as increase the thermal efficiency of our materials and conservatory roof replacements. 


There is a huge range of fantastic Guardian Roof finishes so stay tuned for part two of this article where we will discuss the wonderful range of Guardian Roof Finishes that are available as well as how these wonderful finishes integrate perfectly into our replacement conservatory roofs.


If you have any questions about the replacement conservatory roof system or want to find out more about arranging for a replacement conservatory roof then get in touch with our conservatory roof experts. We are more than happy to help you find the ideal style for you as well as discuss your individual requirements. Get in touch today to find out more using an online contact form on our website or telephone now.

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