Here at Guardian Roofs UK we are dedicated to providing the best quality service we can and aim to keep our customers informed of the goings on within the conservatory roofing industry; what to watch out for, what to look out for and advancements in any technologies. The purpose of this post is to outline a new form of conservatory roof that we have seen cropping up across the UK – It is called the Wrap Around Conservatory or Wrap Over Conservatory and is something that can cause a lot of trouble to your home and conservatory – in some cases it has resulted in entire conservatories collapsing. So, if you are thinking of getting a wrap over conservatory then this article is for you!

If you have any questions about this new style of conservatory or would like to discuss the alternatives that are offered here at Guardian Roofs UK then please get in touch with a member of our team today!

What are Wrap Over Conservatories?

It is important to do research before purchasing any product and conservatory roofs are no exception. A Wrap Over Conservatory is a new style of conservatory roof which differs from traditional conservatory roofs in one key way. Instead of removing the pre-existing glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof; the new solid roof is simply added on top of the existing roof. This can cause massive problems for your conservatory which was never designed to support the weight of the additional solid roof, snow and excess rain.

What are the dangers with Wrap Over Conservatories?

Now that we know what Wrap Over Conservatories are; what are the disadvantages and potential dangers?

When replacing your conservatory roof you want assurance in the roof you are purchasing. Because the Wrap Over Conservatory roofs are simply added on top of the pre-existing glass roofs the main danger is that the roof can collapse under its own weight and cause the entire structure to fall down. We recently had a phone call from a new client of ours who had this happen to their conservatory. Because of the cold weather and snow over recent weeks, the snow had accumulated on top of the roof and because it was not designed to support the weight eventually completely collapsed. Please see the image below.

Wrap Around Conservatory Collapsing

This serves as a reminder to those considering the Wrap Over Conservatory replacement method and shows why you should think carefully before choosing to go for this style of Conservatory Roof!

Why are people choosing to go for Wrap Over Conservatories

The main reason that people are opting to go for the Wrap Over Conservatory is due to the price point – Due to the ease of installation and no need to remove the current glass or polycarbonate roof; this allows the cost to remove and install the conservatory to decrease and means it is cheaper than other roofs out there like the Guardian Warm Roof – With the cheapness in price comes the risks that were mentioned above and can result in a conservatory fully collapsing! In addition to the potential collapsion of conservatory roofs, wrap overs all create a whole heap of problems relating to excess moisture and the problems that are apparent due to Blocked Ventilation – this is because there is a layer of free space between the glass roof or polycarbonate roof and the tiled solid material that is being placed on top of it. This causes moisture to become trapped between the two layers and thus creates a build-up of excess water. The image below shows some of the blocked ventilation problems that we come across on a regular basis.

Moisture Due to Block Ventalation

How can Guardian Roofs UK help?

Our main aim as a business is to improve the standards within the conservatory roof replacement industry and ensure that customers have a conservatory that has quality and longevity in mind. Our Guardian Warm Roof is one of the conservatory roofs that are LABC Certified for 2018. In addition to being one of the only LABC certified installers the Guardian Warm Roof can be installed in as little as four days and if we start a job on a Monday we will be finished by the Friday of that week!

We hope this has answered any questions that you may of had towards the new Wrap Over Conservatory method. If you would like to speak to a member of the Guardian Roofs team in greater detail about this then please Get In Touch today and we will be happy to help!