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A Tiled Conservatory is a conservatory that has a solid tiled roof in place. This is done for many reasons such as, to increase heat regulation, lower energy bills in winter months and improve the aesthetical appearance. Traditionally conservatory roofs are built using glass or polycarbonate as the main material which both have poor heat retention and insulation properties. Which is why we are seeing a trend towards solid tiled alternatives.

Guardian Roofs UK supplies a variety of tiled conservatories across the UK – We are expert installers of the Guardian Warm Roof and supply a second to none service to our clients. The replacement conservatory roof service that we offer provides many benefits to our customers and also tackles the problems that arise with the more traditional conservatory roofs such as the glass or polycarbonate roof. This post aims to explain what exactly a tiled conservatory roof is, why it could be of use for you and the advantages and disadvantages that come with tiled conservatory roofs. We have certified Guardian Warm Roof installers and have many years of experience working with these roofs and installing them throughout the UK.

If you have any questions about the tiled conservatory roof service that we offer here at Guardian Roofs then please get in touch with a member of the team today and we will be happy to help answer any questions that you may have.

Why should you get a Tiled Conservatory?

If you are experiencing problems with your current conservatory roof then you should look into getting a replacement solid conservatory roof. The main problem that happens with the traditional materials used for conservatory roofs is the poor heat retention and insulation properties that come with the roofs. The replacement roofs that we offer to our customers tackle these problems by increasing the insulation of the conservatory and also retaining heat in the winter months means that you will see a decrease in your heating bills in the winter months. Similarly, in the summer months, the old materials used for conservatory roofs turn the conservatory into a greenhouse and do not reflect the suns power but instead further enhance it. With the solid guardian roof.

How can we create your ideal Tiled Conservatory?

We are able to tailor the services that we offer to meet the needs and requirements that you need from your Tiled Conservatory Roof. You can choose from a variety of Edwardian, Victorian, Gable ended and various other styles of your conservatory. We also offer different coloured tiles for our range of Guardian Warm Roofs. With our installation service we are able to finish up to 4 jobs a week and if we start a job on a Monday we can guarantee it to be finished by the Friday allowing you to enjoy your newly transformed conservatory.

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What are the advantages of having a Tiled Conservatory?

The main advantage that comes with having a tiled conservatory is the ability to regulate the temperature of your conservatory effectively. These roofs are also able to reduce your energy bills and will also result in you not needing to provide fans or air conditioning during the summer months. Another advantage that comes with our service is the 10-year insurance backed guarantee which gives you assurance in the service we offer and we are also LABC compliant.

We have a variety of certified installers across the whole of the UK to find out who is closest to you head on over to our location section.

What are the disadvantages of having a tiled conservatory?

The only disadvantages that can potentially occur with the tiled conservatory is the lack of sunlight that comes through because with traditional conservatories the glass easily allows sunlight to pass through whereas applying a solid tiled alternative can prevent some sunlight. Here at Guardian, we are able to implement skylights for your conservatory to allow for more light to pass through your conservatory making it feel light and airy.

This is a minor disadvantage and is one that can easily be fixed. One thing that we do encourage all consumers to do is if they do not decide to have their tiled conservatory conversion supplied by ourselves ensure that you do not have a wrap around conservatory as many suppliers have recently started producing these which are extremely bad for your conservatory. The reason these are so bad is that the extra weight that comes with tiles and solid roofing is not designed to go on top of the pre-existing roof and in doing so can result in the potential collapse of a conservatory. You can check out our full blog post Wrap Around Conservatory and it is something to be wary of.

The Guardian Roofs Service

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and the quality of our service which is why we will never implement anything like a Wrap Around Conservatory here at Guardian Roofs UK. We have over 10 years of experience installing Tiled Conservatory Roofs and in that time have developed an extensive set of standards and quality control checks meaning that across all of the services and products we offer we are standardised and ensure reliability and quality.

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