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VELUX INTEGRA® Electric + Solar Powered Roof Windows


Benefits of VELUX INTEGRA® Electric + Solar Powered Roof Windows

Why choose THE VELUX INTEGRA® range of electric & solar powered windows over a manual option? Let’s take a look at the list of benefits:


Better ventilation

Using a switch to open and close your windows makes it much easier to improve the ventilation of your home whenever you want and means that you are less likely to forget to close the window.

Electric Roof Windows

Less worry

With an in-built rain sensor, you get peace of mind that if it starts raining, the windows will close automatically. Much better, and far safer, for your home than having to remember to close them manually – if only there was a solution to bring your washing in automatically when it rains!

Low pitch centre fixed Velux

Control wherever you are

With smart apps, you are always in control whether at home or on the go. You can use your phone to open and close your roof windows wherever you are!

Energy-Efficient VELUX INTEGRA®


Year-round airing of your home with minimal loss of energy. In winter, our solar and electric roof windows will air out the room without losing heat, and in the summer, the external shutters will prevent your room from overheating.


Electric vs Solar

With a choice between electric and solar windows, you can choose how you want to operate your roof windows.
Electric – with an electrically operated roof window, you need to connect the cables to a power supply to allow for operation.
Solar – powers your device with energy from the sun. The sun doesn’t have to be shining though. Even on a cloudy day, the solar operation will generate enough energy to power your solar roof windows.

A smarter way to control electric & solar roof windows

There are a few options when it comes to operating your VELUX INTEGRA® windows.

Solar Powered Roof Windows

The basic wall switch

This option is included with the purchase and opens and closes one roof window at a time.
Want to control all your products from one device?

A Smarter Way To Control Electric & Solar Roof Windows

Smart controls

Using a range of devices, you can control your solar or electric roof windows, blinds and shutters from the palm of your hand wherever you happen to be, putting you totally in control. Choose how much fresh air and light you let into the room while controlling the temperature.

Energy-Efficient VELUX INTEGRA®

Sustainability and energy efficiency

If you are looking to achieve a more sustainable and energy-efficient home, then align with the VELUX Sustainability Strategy 2030, pioneering climate and nature action through innovative sustainable products. The energy efficiency of VELUX’s electric roof window range means that you can maximise natural light in the home, cutting down on the need for artificial light.

“Velux’s electric window range allows us to add a lovely feel of high-tech-convenience to our projects. It’s the effortless control over ventilation and natural light that our clients love, plus they integrate seamlessly with smart home technology. I particularly like the built-in rain sensors that automatically close the windows at the first sign of rain!”

Andy Kerr

Managing Director, NECS

Contact the experts

If you would like more control over your VELUX roof windows and are interested in finding out about our VELUX INTEGRA® Electric + Solar Powered Roof Windows, our team of daylight experts are here to assist. Get in touch and see how we can bring light into your life.

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