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Centre Pivot VELUX Roof Windows

Designed to bring light and air to your room, centre pivot VELUX roof windows bring the benefits of natural daylight plus natural ventilation.


What are centre pivot VELUX roof windows suitable for?

These single-roof windows are ideal for a variety of scenarios where there is little natural light from a standard aperture or where more light is required in a room without a window. This could be a small room, a staircase or a bathroom for example. In larger rooms, multiple single centre pivot VELUX roof windows can be installed at various points to open up a room and maximise the daylight and fresh air.

Benefits of centre pivot VELUX roof windows

The primary benefit to a sloping centre pivot VELUX windows is that they allow twice as much light as a vertical window Ventilation is also a key benefit as you can open up the pivot window to allow more air in. Exceptional design giving that additional stylish edge to your home More natural light, less artificial light – lower electricity bills!

Standard roof window options

As well as the many benefits of a centre pivot VELUX roof window there are also many features to choose from. They come in a variety of sizes and you can choose between manual, electric or even solar powered to suit your requirements. The standard VELUX single roof window is suitable for roof pitches: 15°-90°, however there is also a low pitch option to choose from.

Low pitch centre fixed Velux

Low pitch centre pivot VELUX windows

In addition to single standard centre pivot VELUX roof windows, you will also find VELUX low-pitch windows an option. These are perfect where the roof is at a lower pitch. That could be due to the room being a single storey extension to the side of the house where the pitch can be as low as 10°-20°

Centre Pivot VELUX Roof Windows

Features of a low pitch roof window

The low pitch roof window has an exceptional glass-to-edge design that looks stunning from the outside. This single roof window option comes in many different window sizes and can be upgraded from manual to solar powered operation.

Centre Pivot VELUX in childs bedroom

Sustainability and energy efficiency

The VELUX Sustainability Strategy 2030 outlines a 10-year commitment to lead the way in climate and nature action, develop sustainable products, and uphold responsible business practices. By choosing a VELUX centre pivot roof window, you are not only reducing your energy bills but also your carbon footprint.

“VELUX’s centre pivot windows are a fantastic option for us on projects where we need to brighten and ventilate a client’s space, particularly where light is scarce. Their design not only doubles the natural light compared to vertical windows, but really enhances air flow and lends a lovely style – which our clients love.”

Andy Kerr

Managing Director, NECS

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