We can all agree that with recent events, many aspects of life have been disrupted, one of these including holidays abroad. If you have found yourself cancelling your holidays and spending your time off at home, then you are likely trying to find ways to update your home and fill the time.

A way that many choose to update their home is with a home extension. Especially if you are considering moving due to outgrowing your space or simply wanting a change, a home extension is an excellent way to both spend money that would have once been spent on a holiday and give your home a transformation.

A Guardian extension is the most advanced and energy-efficient building system that will help you to create a comfortable and affordable new living space. To find more, make sure to get in touch using our online contact form or telephone today.

What is a Guardian Extension?

The Guardian home extension provides a spacious, open-plan extension to your home using a range of cutting edge construction techniques. When you invest in a Guardian extension, you will have a comfortable space with an outstanding energy-efficiency and U-value of 0.10 W/m2K, which, in fact, makes the Guardian extensions the most energy-saving conservatory available on the market.

Our conservatories are always individually tailored to our customer’s exact needs. Each incorporates Kingspan Tek-Panels, which are high performance structural insulated panels, and the Guardian Warm Roof System, which will revitalise your home and incorporate a new relaxing entertaining space.

What’s more, as the Guardian home extension is of modular construction, it will come with an insulated roof and walls, double glazed windows and a strong, reinforced structure. In fact, it’s an incredibly affordable alternative to more traditional brick extensions.

Why Invest in a Guardian Extension?

A home extension can seem like a big investment, so of course, it takes a lot of careful consideration and extensive planning to ensure that your brand new living space is perfect for you. If you are not still yet fully convinced, to help you determine whether a Guardian extension is right for you, we have taken a look deeper into the benefits investing in one can bring.

Adds Value To Your Home

First and foremost, one of the most eye-catching benefits of investing in a Guardian extension is that it adds value to your home. No matter whether you are planning to put your property on the market or simply just want to make sure that your home is future-proofed, then it can be a fantastic choice.

Increasing the amount of living space your home has is a sure-fire way to boost your sale price, as well as the amount that potential buyers will be willing to put down as a means of a deposit. That means that investing in a home extension is extremely likely to provide a significant return on investment. A great way to calculate how much your extension will add to the value of your property is by using the calculator tool on the Office for National Statistics.

Another important point to keep in mind is that when considering buying a home with an extension, how appealing your home is to potential buyers will all depend on the quality of the extension build. A poorly designed extension will likely be filled with problems and will more than likely turn people away. No one wants to be faced with a long repair bill as soon as they move into a new home. To make sure that you invest your money in the best way possible, it is important that you only trust a reputable extension solution, such as a Guardian extension.

A Cheaper Alternative to Moving House

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a feeling of uncertainty on the housing market, so many are searching for a cost-effective alternative to moving house. The most common reason for moving home is a lack of space – a problem that could be fixed with the addition of a Guardian extension. A solution which, in fact, costs considerably less and removes the stress of searching for the perfect new home, packing up your belongings and unpacking in the next. Instead, all you have to work around is building work which will simply consist of a two to three-week build programme, and will produce zero on-site waste.

What’s more, the money you have saved in choosing an extension over a new home will allow you to invest in decorating your extension.

An extension is also an ideal choice where moving is simply not an option as you are too settled in the area you currently live in. Installing an extension and staying in the same area will allow children to stay with their friends and continue their studies in a school where they are comfortable, without any disruption.

The Perfect Way to Modernise Your Home

A Guardian extension is also the perfect way to modernise your home. Not only does it offer a superior build quality and fast installation, but we can also offer you a wide range of colours and finishes to ensure that your extension fits in with the rest of your home exactly.

Our design service is completely bespoke so no matter what finish you have in mind, we’ll make sure that it is delivered whilst also advising you along the way of the perfect design solution for you and your vision.

An extension will also provide you with an abundance of opportunities once it is built and you’ll be able to use it however you like. Would you like to build a playroom? Do you want a space to entertain guests? Maybe you have recently started working from home and want an office. The possibilities are endless and you will essentially have a blank canvas to work on.

Get in Touch With Our Extension Experts Today to Plan Your Home Transformation!

Transforming your home with a Guardian home extension comes with a wealth of benefits, so no matter whether you are looking to transform your home, expand the space you have or simply want an additional room, make sure to get in touch today. We’ll be able to give you more information about the Guardian extension and answer any questions you may have. Either fill in our contact form or get in touch via telephone today.