Whether you’ve not decided to go on holiday this year, or you’ve had a holiday cancelled, you’ve likely opted for a staycation. If this has found you sat in your conservatory during the warmer weather, you’ve likely found that sitting in it is borderline impossible, simply due to the temperature. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially due to investment you initially made on the conservatory, if you can’t use the space as much as you would like to.

The Guardian warm roof is a thermally efficient, fully insulated roof system that is designed to replace your existing glass or polycarbonate roof. As soon as it is fitted, your conservatory will transform into a comfortable, quiet and enjoyable living space that you can enjoy every single day. Finally, your investment will feel as though it was worth it!

To find out more about the Guardian warm roof, be sure to read on. Though, if you have any questions, make sure to get in touch with our team of friendly experts who will be more than happy to help.

What is a Guardian Warm Roof?

The Guardian warm roof is the perfect solution if your conservatory is either too noisy or uncomfortable. Over 10 years’ we developed the innovative system which only takes a few days to install and will provide you with an excellent looking tiles roof that is also fully insulated and soundproofed.

We can offer our Guardian roofs in a number of different shapes, styles and sizes and we can even offer a full bespoke replacement roof service.

What’s more, our Guardian roofs also come with a range of roof tiles to choose from, so you can ensure the best match your home. 

The Guardian warm roof is also fully energy efficient and achieves a maximum U value of 0.18 W/m2K and it’s fully approved by the LABC Local Authority Building Control and it’s fully guaranteed.

Why Invest in a Guardian Warm Roof?

A Guardian warm roof can be an excellent investment for both the Summer and the Winter months, it brings a range of benefits and can even help you to save money. We have put together our reasons as to why a Guardian warm roof is an excellent investment to make and what benefits it can bring to you.

None of the Issues that Comes with a Glass/Polycarbonate Roof

Traditional conservatory roofs made from glass or polycarbonate were once a popular choice, as they were cheap and easy to mass-produce. Though, these roofs do come with their problems. They offer very little thermal efficiency and noise insulation, which causes the space to be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. What’s more, glass and polycarbonate roofs are prone to leaks as well as damage caused by mould formation which can, in fact, ruin your conservatory space. A Guardian warm roof would counteract this issue.

Adds Value to Your Home

Adding a conservatory to your home is a decision that takes a lot of consideration, especially when you take into account all the planning and the costs involved. It is an investment that takes a lot of consideration.

A Guardian warm roof is an excellent modern improvement that will allow you and any future owners of your home to enjoy the space every single day and it will uplift and enhance your property.

You’ll also be turning what is now a useless space into what is effectively an extension. This increased amount of living space will boost your sale price, and spark the interest of potential buyers.

Often, what you pay for the work to be done will pay for itself and you’ll have a conservatory that is fit for purpose, so should you sell up, you’ll more than likely recuperate the money spent.

Reduces Your Bills

A replacement conservatory roof will also bring the practical benefit of being much more thermally efficient. This means that the temperature will be kept down in the summer but any much-needed warmth in the winter will be kept inside. Many people who own a polycarbonate/glass conservatory simply don’t bother trying to heat it as it is simply too expensive, yet with the addition of a solid conservatory roof, this burden is hugely reduced. Your energy costs will go down hugely!

A Huge Home Improvement without any Disruption

Even the most simple of home improvement hobs can take at least a week to complete. However, taking off your old conservatory roof and installing a brand new Guardian one will only take around three days to complete and will be completed with minimum disruption to your home. There aren’t many other home improvement projects that have such a huge effect, yet take so little time to complete.

Reduced Noise and Sun Glare

When you choose a Guardian warm roof, your space will also instantly become both quiet and comfortable, all year round. Any noises of weather will be blocked out, allowing you to relax in peace and quiet. 

Choosing a Guardian roof will also reduce the sun glare into your conservatory and in turn, prevent any sun bleaching to soft furnishings and removing the need to fit blinds.

A Roof That Provides You With Complete Peace of Mind

Of course, for many, the new conservatory roof is an investment they have to think about, yet when you choose the Guardian warm roof, we will, in fact, offer a full insurance backed 10-year guarantee when installed.

Get in Touch With Us Today to Discuss Your Guardian Warm Roof

We believe that our Guardian warm roofs can turn any flawed conservatory into a brilliant comfortable space that can be used all year round. So, if you are looking further into investing in a Guardian roof and transforming your home, make sure to get in touch today. To find out more, get in touch with our expert team today either by filling in our contact form or via telephone.