You may have an existing conservatory that is warm and useable, it may be old and in need of some love and attention or you may have just had a new roof added to your old conservatory which has given it a new lease of life, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Whatever situation you are in, there are so many people out there that don’t use their conservatory space as effectively as they could do and quite often they can become a dumping ground for the family, gathering clutter that you don’t want to see in the rest of your home.

Here, we aim to give you some amazing ideas and inspiration about how you can make the most of the extra floor space in your home and with a few simple steps you really could Convert Your Conservatory Into……

Convert Your Conservatory Into a Dining Room

Convert conservatory into a dining roomTurning your conservatory into a dining room offers you a separate area to eat in and an ‘al fresco’ dining experience without worrying about the UK weather. Filled with light, conservatory’s offer you views of your garden and make it the perfect room for family dinners in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Whether you use it every evening or just for special occasions as a more formal dining room, maybe at Christmas and for birthdays, or dinner with friends. You can also use it as an additional living area and have a comfy sofa, TV, soft lighting and just add an extendable table to the side that can be easily be pulled out for those special meals or times when you want to open up the doors and bring your dining room into your garden.



Convert Your Conservatory Into a Rustic Kitchen-Diner

Convert conservatory into a rustic kitchen dinerWhat about making your conservatory into a rustic dining room, using rattan chairs and a chalk painted dining table with matching coffee table and cabinets. Giving your new dining area a rustic feel will make you want to use it more in the warmer months and with the doors open it really will be the place you want to sit and use with family and friend.




Convert Your Conservatory Into a Modern Kitchen Diner

Convert conservatory into a modern kitchen dinerIf your conservatory leads from your kitchen and has an open plan, light airy feel then it can easily be turned into a modern kitchen diner. By adding a corner sofa or armchairs it gives you the feeling of an open family, kitchen dining room where you can all be together when the food is being prepared. You might sit with a glass of wine when your other half is cooking and the kids are playing or doing their homework, just perfect.




Convert Your Conservatory Into a Family Room/Snug

Convert conservatory into a family roomA conservatory is an ideal space for the family to gather and unwind. A sofa, cushions, beanbag, soft lighting, a modern electric wood burning look fire and television create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere, with neutral tones keeping it bright an airy. As your kids get older you might not all want to spend every evening together in one living room so turning your conservatory into a family snug allows you all to take some time away from each other if you want to.



Convert conservatory into a living roomCreate an open-plan living space in your conservatory which you can enjoy in all seasons whatever the temperature outside. Use the natural light to its maximum, with neutral walls and window frames to keep the look simple and modern. Add beautiful formal sofas and armchairs in neutral tones and add splashes of colour with cushions and a rug underfoot to make it feel luxurious, warm and cosy. Elaborate lamps and dark furniture will give you an amazing contrast and is one room in the house where you can get away with oak, walnut or mahogany coloured furniture which will add warmth to your neutral tones.




Convert Your Conservatory Into a Relaxed Country Seating Area




Convert Your Conservatory Into a Playroom

Convert conservatory into a PlayroomWhen you have young children it is often difficult when you don’t have an area which is dedicated to them to use as a playroom as you always feel like there are toys everywhere in your home which can sometimes take over. A conservatory is a great space to use as a playroom where you can keep their toys neat and tidy when they’re not in use. You can make it into a cosy area for them with a sofa and tv and add modern storage cabinets for them to use for their smaller toys to be tidied away in the evenings. When the weather is good you can open up the doors and they can play in the garden, meaning they don’t keep coming in and out of the house to get different toys when they’re playing outside. By giving them their own designated play area they can enjoy hours of fun and a place where their ever-growing set of toys can be kept.


Convert Your Conservatory Into a Games Room

Convert your conservatory into a games room

Why not turn your conservatory into a games room for your older children. It’s a great way to ensure their games consoles don’t take over your living room or that they don’t bury themselves away in their bedrooms for hours and hours, not speaking to anyone or having any social interaction. Add a sofa, cushions, bean bags, modern furniture and lighting and their friends can come round to socialise and game to their heart’s content without impacting the rest of the families downtime and relaxation.



Convert Your Conservatory Into a Garden room

Convert conservatory into a garden roomConservatories are known for being rooms that are filled with sunlight. Why not take advantage of this and fill it with plants? Create an indoor greenhouse that won’t get unbearably hot and enjoy cultivating exotic and colourful new flowers. Add natural bamboo furniture and you’ll have a beautiful garden room where you can bring the outside in.




Convert Your Conservatory Into a Sunroom

Convert conservatory into a sunroomThe traditional use for a conservatory is a lounge or sunroom which is perfect for enjoying the sunrise and sunset and a great way to start and end your day. Natural light and lots of glass ensure the room stays warm into the evenings, making it the perfect place to relax. Open up the doors to bring your home into the garden, potter in the garden, sit down with a cup of tea, watch the kids playing outside, it really is the perfect use for your conservatory. Add some comfy seating with a corner sofa and an extendable dining table and it makes the space so easy and versatile to use, allowing you to make the most of the space all year through.



Convert Your Conservatory Into a Gym

Convert conservatory into a home gymSo not many people do this but have you ever thought about turning your conservatory into your own home gym? You can have your big gym equipment out of the other rooms in your home, ensuring you use them for what they actually there for. It really is a brilliant use of space especially if you enjoy the brightness and natural light. You can open up the doors and windows and still have the feeling of exercising outside, with the cool breeze flowing throughout.




Convert Your Conservatory Into a Cinema Room

Convert conservatory into a cinema roomIt’s really easy, add some blackout blinds, a comfy sofa with lots of throws and cushions and create your own pop-up home cinema room for you to use as a family or for those times when there is a film you want to watch that the rest of the family don’t fancy.

Convert conservatory into a kitchen extensionUse a conservatory to create a large, bright, open and dramatic kitchen extension. Use sliding doors or bi-fold doors to completely open up the front of your conservatory allowing you to open up your garden into your home. Large skylights and light and neutral wall colours will add to the feeling of openness and warm furniture tones and accessories will make it feel modern and contemporary. A large and open kitchen extension will be the hub of your home and family and friends can all be together to cook, eat and socialise.

Convert conservatory into a breakfast roomCreating a breakfast room with a conservatory leading directly from your kitchen is a great space for the whole family to use. Add a sofa or armchair with cushions and throws and it really makes the room inviting for breakfast, lunch, dinner or relaxing.




Convert conservatory into a utility roomIf you need more space and you are fed up with the washing, ironing and cleaning stuff cluttering your kitchen then why not turn your conservatory into a defined utility space. Think about how you want to organise it and how it will work best for you and get some modern cabinets installed so you can keep your clothes and cleaning products out of sight. Add some contemporary pictures, ornaments, vases and flowers to soften the look and make it feel inviting, even if it is a functional area for you.


Convert conservatory into a games denAre you fed up of the clutter in every room of your house? Why not fill your conservatory with a pool table, dartboard, plasma screen on the wall and a mini-fridge full of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages if you fancy it. A comfy sofa, cushions, throws and beanbags on the floor will make it a fun place that the whole family want to use together or with their friends.




Convert Your Conservatory Into a Study

Convert conservatory into a home office studyYou may be self-employed, work from home all of the time or just occasionally, you may need somewhere to keep on top of your bills and paperwork or where the kids can do their homework and if so then turning your conservatory into an office/study is a great use of space and a great place to work with natural light. Using your conservatory as an office allows you to separate work from your home life and it provides you with a quiet space to hold meetings and conference calls. Plan how to best use the space to ensure everyone can get the most from it, with storage, filing cabinets, desk, table, chairs and lighting. Don’t just make it functional and bland, make it a place you want to go by adding soft furnishings, flowers and photos of the family.



Convert Your Conservatory Into an Additional Bedroom

Convert conservatory into an extra bedroomWhy not turn your conservatory into an extra bedroom, let’s face it everyone could do with a guest bedroom for when the extended family come to stay, or when the children want a sleepover. You can make it multi-functional by using it as a living room and bedroom by having a big comfy sofa bed in there which can be easily converted when you need it.



A conservatory can add much-needed living space to a home and as long as it is created with a use in mind then they are a fantastic, light, open and airy rooms that can connect you to the outdoors. If your conservatory is over 15 years old then the roof will most likely need repair or complete replacement. The positives are that the materials available for conservatory roofs now have developed significantly and you have several options with many benefits when it comes to replacing it.

If you are looking to update your conservatory roof with a modern conservatory roof then a Guardian Roof is just what you are looking for. Contact us today on 0845 564 0628 and one of the team will be able to answer any questions you may have and can arrange a no-obligation quote.