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VELUX Low-Pitch Roof Windows

Designed to bring light and air to your room, VELUX Low-Pitch Roof Windows bring the benefits of natural daylight plus natural ventilation.


What Is A VELUX Low-Pitch Window?

This type of low-pitch VELUX window is suitable for roofs with a pitch of between (10°-20°). The type of roof that might be found on a single-storey extension. It is an ideal solution for loft conversions, extensions, and other projects where vertical windows are not an option due to space constraints.

VELUX low-roof pitch windows are often top-hung or centre-pivot windows that can be opened to allow fresh air and sunlight into the room. Like other VELUX roof windows, they are designed to fill the space with natural daylight and fresh air in the absence of a window.

Technical Details

With its innovative design, the VELUX Low Pitch Roof Window presents a sleek and intelligent alternative to the conventional flat roof curb. Its durability is unparalleled, as it can endure winds as strong as 30m/s and rainfall of up to 120mm per hour. Additionally, VELUX’s glass-to-edge technology guarantees both stunning aesthetics and water resistance, ensuring that your space remains stylish and dry. Quality is of the utmost importance to VELUX, and the Low Pitch Roof Window is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

A VELUX low-pitch roof window can be operated manually or by choosing an electric or solar-powered operation.


VELUX Low-Pitch Window

Why Choose A Low-Pitch Window?

Low-pitch VELUX windows are typically installed on a flat or low-slope roof to provide light, views, and ventilation. If you have a room that has either a flat (flat roofs always have a slight slope) or a low-pitch roof, which doesn’t have any windows, a VELUX minimum pitch window will fill the space with natural daylight and fresh air not to mention providing great views.

Exterior Centre Pivot Roof Windows

Installing A Low-Pitch Roof Window

Because of the nature and design of the roof, the installation of a low roof pitch window should only be performed by experienced professionals who are familiar with roofing and glazing techniques to ensure proper sealing and prevent water damage.

Low-pitch roof windows are specifically designed to be weather-resistant and durable against the elements while providing optimal insulation and energy efficiency.

Low pitch centre fixed Velux

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Thanks to the VELUX commitment to sustainability, these products are designed and produced with reduced emissions using certified wood and materials that are designed to cut down on their carbon footprint.

VELUX’s Low Pitch windows help to reduce energy costs. With natural light flooding in, there is no need to use artificial lighting throughout the day. Designed with advanced insulation technology and finished with double-glazed glass, this window offers your home improved energy efficiency. Not only that, the Low Pitch windows offer your room great ventilation and air circulation, which helps to reduce condensation build-up.

“VELUX’s low-pitch windows are a game-changer for spaces like extensions or loft conversions, where traditional windows just don’t fit. They not only flood these areas with natural light and fresh air but also offer a sleek look with their glass-to-edge technology. What I love most is their versatility – whether manual, electric, or solar-powered, it’s about maximizing light and views, even in the most challenging spaces.”

Andy Kerr

Managing Director, NECS

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