Your conservatory is a wonderful area of your home that you can enjoy all year round. Although your conservatory is essentially an additional room or extension in your property – many homeowners find it a challenge to transform their conservatory into a living space or functional room. This article is aimed to provide you with some inspiration – whether you are looking to transform your current conservatory space or build a new conservatory/extension on your home.


Changing Your Conservatory into a Living Space

One of the initial challenges when looking to transform a conservatory is making sure your conservatory is comfortable. This is the first real challenge especially if your conservatory has an older style conservatory roof as your conservatory can become uncomfortable at extreme temperatures.

Choosing to install a Guardian Warm Roof allows you to enjoy a wide range of benefits that can help to transform your conservatory into a living space all year round. Installation of your Guardian Warm Roof only takes a few days completed with minimal disruption to your home. Your new room will be quiet and comfortable all year round – which will allow you to create your brand new, comfortable living space.

Choosing to Install an Extension

Before we go onto our top tips on decorating and redesigning your conservatory – you may be thinking about adding an extension to your home and installing a conservatory. For over 50 years, conservatories have been the most popular and preferred method of extending a private home. The simple design and installation process coupled with simpler planning regulations ensured that conservatories remained a powerhouse in the world of home extensions – especially when compared to traditional brick and tile extensions. As touched upon – older style conservatories have major drawbacks such as lack of thermal efficiency, which is where the Guardian solution can help!

Our Guardian Conservatory Extensions are built using SIP Panels which are fabricated off-site and then delivered and erected within two to three weeks. Being of modular construction, they come with insulated roof and walls, double-glazed windows and strong, steel-reinforced structures, and are an affordable alternative to traditional brick-built structures. We will also match your existing brickwork, stone walls or render as well as the roof tiles which ensures that your new conservatory reflects the overall design of your home.

Floral fun with a designated inside garden

The first design idea on our list is transforming your conservatory into a floral space. This conservatory idea advantage of being able to enjoy your conservatory all year round – being a relaxing space when it is cold and a warm and enjoyable space when it is warm with access to your garden area. You can also use your conservatory to extend your garden with a selection of plants and other greenery and use your conservatory to enjoy your garden from the quiet and comfort of your own home. 

You are also able to use your conservatory for a wide range of other functions, which ensures that you can truly use your conservatory space as an additional living space. Velux Windows can also be used to bring twice as much daylight to your extension. The fresh air that is also brought in by your Velux Windows truly takes your garden room to the next level!

Fun for all with a fully functional games room

A fully functional games room is a fantastic use of your conservatory and allows you to again enjoy your conservatory all year round. From home cinemas, pool rooms, rooms for children’s games and video games – there’s a huge amount of scope to create the perfect games area or relaxation zone that suits you.

Why not consider creating your very own home cinema? A conservatory offers you all of the space that you need to get your dream set up together. You will have more than enough space to set up a large TV screen as well as surround sound. You even have space to create a drinks area to enjoy a lovely cold beverage while watching the big screen.

A video game room is a perfect place to unwind and create a fully functional escape from reality. With plenty of space to set up a variety of consoles and other equipment, your conservatory is a fantastic space that is perfectly suited to create a gaming centre. You can even consider investing in a few arcade machines to enjoy the retro experience?

If you have children that love leaving their toys all around the house, a playroom is a great way to use your conservatory space. You can use your conservatory to create a safe area that you can monitor when it’s time for play and you can make sure that toys are tidied up when not in use. Friends will also have a safe place to play and this designates a room so that you can relax in another area of the house of things are getting hectic!

Create a Wonderful Space to Eat

You can also transform your conservatory space into a dining room which is a highly common application of conservatories across the country. You can utilise your dining area and kit out your conservatory with all of your eating essentials as well as create a wonderful dining area that is separate to the rest of your home. This is an ideal way to create a space to enjoy a romantic meal or a place for all the family to enjoy. 

Install or Transform Your Conservatory Today

Taking action in installing your new conservatory or transforming your current conservatory is simple with a Guardian Warm Roof or Guardian Conservatory Extension to find out more about installing a Guardian Warm Roof or Guardian Conservatory Extension, get in touch with our team today.

Have you carried out a transformation of your conservatory? Have any tips that we haven’t covered in this article? Leave a comment or follow us on Facebook and show how you have changed the way that you use your conservatory.

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