Wrap Around Conservatory Collapsing

Wrap Around Conservatory – Why NOT to get one!

Here at Guardian Roofs, we are dedicated to providing the best service we possibly can to our customers and ensure that our replacement tiled and solid conservatories are built with longevity and quality in mind. We have recently heard of Wrap Around Conservatory services which are sometimes sold as direct competitors to the Guardian Warm Roof that we sell here at Guardian Roofs. This post will explain what the Wrap Around Conservatories are, why you should be wary of them and why you should consider spending a little bit more money and getting one of the Tiled Conservatory Roofs that we offer.

If you have any questions about our Replacement Conservatory Roof service and why you should not be using a Wrap Around method to change your conservatory roof then please get in touch with a member of the team today!

What is a Wrap Around Conservatory?

A Wrap Around Conservatory is a style of Conservatory rather than a type of conservatory which is applied on top of your pre-existing glass or polycarbonate roof. This is different from the Replacement Conservatory Roofs that we offer here at Guardian Roofs. The process that we implement is one that takes down the current conservatory roof and as the name suggests fully replaces your roof with a tiled and solid alternative. You can browse the benefits of the Guardian Warm Roof system that we stock today and we look forward to helping you transform your conservatory in a safe and effective way.

What are the Negative Effects of a Wrap Around Conservatory?

There are a variety of negatives that come with a Wrap Around Conservatory roof which we will now discuss. Replacement Conservatory Roofs are structurally designed to take specific snow and wind loadings. Unfortunately, Wrap Around Conservatories add a lot of weight on to the glass and polycarbonate roofs which were never intended to hold the additional weight of the tiles and certainly not plasterboard. If there were to be a big amount of snowfall it would be unable to slide off the glazing. Also, a conservatory roof converted into a solid roof does not have the required ventilation to stop the build-up of condensation or the massive build-up of heat in the summer, both of these factors have a negative impact on the structural integrity and the risk of the roof collapsing. The picture below shows the problems and dangers that the Wrap Overs can cause to conservatories with the tiles being placed on a glass roof which cannot support the weight!

Broken Conservatory Roof

In addition to the picture above we received a call from a potential client of ours who had their conservatory replaced in the Wrap Around style and since doing so the Conservatory has entirely collapsed. We strongly urge those who may be thinking of getting a Wrap Around Conservatory roof to think again and consider one of our Guardian Warm Roofs. Below is the image of the collapsed conservatory.

Wrap Around Conservatory Collapsing


What are the disadvantages?

Wrap Around Conservatory Roofs may look similar to the Guardian Warm Roof system that we install but when you delve deeper into the roof it is clear that the only thing that is similar is the exterior look. You run the risk of having your conservatory collapse under the own weight of the roof and it is a method that is not LABC approved. The Guardian Warm Roof is a system which has been designed with security, assurance and longevity in mind – the roof is fully ventilated, structurally tested, and LABC approved. It really is on another level compared to the Wrap Over roofs which merely try to imitate the Guardian Warm Roof.

Below you can see the effects of Blocked Ventilation that is caused by Wrap Over Conservatories.

Moisture Due to Block Ventalation

What are the advantages?

Aside from posing a serious risk to the potential collapsion of your conservatory, A wrap over is a cheaper method as the original ageing structure (which will have come with a 10-year guarantee for the purpose of being a glazed roof) is left in place and used as the base. You still achieve the same aesthetics initially as a wrap over will usually use a similar exterior roof covering i.e Metrotile but in the long run, if there is significant rainfall, wind, snow or any excess weight on the roof there is the risk of your conservatory collapsing.

Is the Wrap Over Conservatory significantly cheaper?

The main reason we have heard for people to use this method is solely down to the price – Wrap Around Conservatories can be in the region of half the price of a professional LABC approved roof.

Guardian Roofs UK Replacement Roof Service

As mentioned above we pride ourselves on exceptional service and assurance in the service that we offer. We know that offering the Guardian Warm Roof as our main replacement tiled conservatory roof will give you the quality and assurance needed when replacing the entirety of your roof. We have over 10 years of experience in the Conservatory Roofing industry and if you would like to find out more about Guardian Roofs UK as a company then head on over to the link provided.

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